oliver morgenroth

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    Oliver Morgenroth - Dreamrunner incl. Dyno Remix

    The 104th release on Jetlag Digital comes from one of the labels primary artists: Oliver Morgenroth. Including Oliver's Dreamrunner EP he has appeared on Jetlag 14 total times and the relationship is only growing stringer with another fine release here. Out Now at Beatport exclusive...
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    [JED092] Lacandon - Moma Robinja EP Part1

    OUT NOW!!! Lacandon - Moma Robinja EP Part1 - Jetlag Digital Listen here: 1.) Moma Robinja Original Mix 2.) Moma Robinja Oliver Morgenroth Remix 3.) Moma Robinja Maindave Remix Release Date: Dec 10th, 2009 Styles » Progressive / Progressive » Promo Avg: 4.33 / 5 » Score: 78.0 » Overall...
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    [Digital] Oliver Morgenroth - Contrast ARTIST ALBUM - Jetlag Digital

    JED022 Oliver Morgenroth - Contrast (Artist Album) Release Date: Oct 17nd, 2008 » User Rating: 4.17 / 5 » Promo Pool: 3.97 / 5 » Top Rank: Reached #2 on Oct 15th, 2008 Oliver Morgenroth's album 'Contrast' shows to us, how different and contradictive progressive sound can be and that it...
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    [mp3,wav]Oliver Morgenroth - Flair EP - Jetlag Digital 006

    Oliver was well known during the beginning of the 90's, when he released on different labels, such as BMG, Sony, Kosmo, ZYX Records or Frankfurt Beats. He is a very open minded artist, besides his club-tracks he is also producing Ambient. At the beginning of the career of Tom Novy, Oliver...