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    Anom Vitruv - Untitled ( 12" )

    ANOM VITRUV untitled 12" VINYL ZCKR08 - ZCKR Records full length music thing: # get your copy here: # # # # Vinyl...
  2. B

    Maxi Madrid - Kuasar EP [ELR02] - Eleonor Records

    And here we are again dear friends, presenting our new release! Time to present our second release from Eleonor Records! Up to top 100 @ beatport, than to top 10 by supporting us! Second release here on Eleonor is from Maxi Madrid. This artist presents here his new EP named "Kuasar". Fresh...
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    Gavinho - La Nuit EP [MJ21] - Mojear Records

    Gavinho is back here on Mojear Records with this special EP named "La Nuit". Time for some Nu Disco here on Mojear. This EP includes 3 tracks. Release supported by many DJs and radio stations from around the world! Tracks : 01 : La Nuit (Original Mix) 02 : Mon Coeur (Original Mix) 03 : Le...
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    SoTaN- Elemental EP [ELR01] - Eleonor Records

    First release here on Eleonor Records. SoTaN is Sotiris Ftaklakis, a rebellious soul from the island of Rhodes, Greece. Always a loyal member of the electronic music scene started producing music in 2006 with an aim to offer his experiences in the electronic format that he loved. Mother India...
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    VA – Mojear Sounds Vol. 2 [MJ20] – Mojear Records

    Cover By Bogdan Grigore Yes, yes volume 2 is here. Twelve amazing tunes for you on this album Mojear Sounds Vol. 2. Enjoy quality and elegance, all this words in sounds. Mojear is here just for you, with fresh music and talented new artists. Compilation supported by many DJs and radio stations...
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    Advanced Suite - What Common Subject EP [MJ01]

    Some info about this BOMB : Release Date : 2011-09-26 Label : Mojear Records Catalog # : MJ01 Genre : Indie Dance/Nu Disco/House/ Includes : 4 Tracks Beatport Link : Junodownload Link ...
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    [Vinyl 12"] Schieres - 9Lander (ZCKR03)

    Date of Release: 2011-05 (First 300 are hand numbered and come with full cover/artwork. The very first pieces also include a unique print from NEULAND made by S.Reuschel. Black vinyl) A1 9Lander A2 Erikas Eistee B1 9Lander (SHRUBBN!! Dub) B2 9Lander (Stig Inges Toidi Redown) B3 9Lander (Adel...
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    [Vinyl 12"] Stig Inge - IIIVI (ZCKR01)

    12" Vinyl (only) Stig Inge IIIVI ZCKR Records / ZCKR01 Released: 2010-11 Limited version of 450 pieces with printed artwork, hand numbered cover and painted label. The second release comes with love again. After the compilation ZCKR00 its time to start a series of EPs. A small edition of...

    [RRE003] "Drop That EP" Noize Generation, Sexinvaders, Disco Trash Music + more

    [RRE003] "Drop That EP" Noize Generation, Sexinvaders, Disco Trash Music + more -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RIOT RIOT ELECTRIQUE 003: "Drop That EP" OUT NOW! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

    [RRB003] "Shaolin Madness EP" Hanuman Tribe, RuN Riot, Rebel Sketchy + more

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RIOT RIOT BROKEN 003: "Shaolin Madness EP" OUT NOW! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * riot riot broken 003: "SHAOLIN MADNESS EP" "welcome to our breakbeat...
  11. steki

    [DPR017] Darkmode -Lost in Time EP with S-Tek Remixes

    Artist: Darkmode Tracklist: Hit House Lost in Time Lost in Time (S-Tek Rework) Tangerine Sunset Simulacra Simulacra (S-Tek Rework) Red Alert Style: Detroit, NY Electro, Chicago House, Techno Label: Dirty Planet Recordings UK/London Releasedate: 08-06-2009 Link zum Vorhören...
  12. Nachtwaechter Pics

    Nachtwaechter Pics

    auf gehts..... abgehts................
  13. Nachtwaechter Pics

    Nachtwaechter Pics

    minimal is wie f***en ohne reinstecken;)
  14. Nachtwaechter Pics

    Nachtwaechter Pics

    voller einsatz!!!!
  15. Nachtwaechter Pics

    Nachtwaechter Pics

    aus dem Schönen Süd Thüringen - NACHTWAECHTER REC
  16. Nachtwaechter Pics

    Nachtwaechter Pics

    home sweet home
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    Optik Records macht dicht...

    Traurig aber wahr... Siehe hier: