[08.07.2006] TECHNOELEMENT - the hall of fame ! Cembrankeller - Linz (A)

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SAMSTAG - 08.07.2006


Kellegasse 4
4020 Linz

Start: 21:00 - End: 06:00

Entry: 15€

9 Hours finest electronic music

Technoelement, ohne Zweifel ein Kult Event. T.E. is back! Und tischen gleich mit einem Line up der Superlative auf. Absolute internationale Starbesetzung. Pflichttermin für alle Fans hochkarätiger Electronic Beats und Partyteufel! Sei dabei und feiere mit uns das Comeback und eine garantiert grandiose unvergessliche party!


BEN LONG – Potential records / space Djz / LONDON UK

Virtuos wie kein anderer fräßt er den Leuten rohen Techno ins Trommelfell
und verziert das Ganze gern mit HipHop-Sounds. Seine makellosen
Mixing-Skillz sorgen dafür, dass es dabei keine Verletzen gibt. Ben Long und
Jamie Bissmire sind als "Space DJ'z" einer der beliebtesten Acts
Was sollen wir große Worte über Ben Long, einen Teil der legendären Space
Djz, verlieren? Seit ca. 11 Jahren im Geschäft touren sie zusammen (und auch
solo) rund um den Globus. Ben führt neben dem erfolgreichen Label Potential,
auf dem Künstler wie The Advent, Gaetek, Umek und Ade Fenton fleissig
produzieren, das Label Ground, das auf Releases von Claude Young, Jamie
Bissmire und Chris McCormack zurückblicken kann.
Er beschreibt seinen Style als "Fatt, Funky, Far out and Full of Flavour."
Soll heissen: genau das richtige Rezept um die tanzwütige Meute zu flippen.....


MARCO ZAFFARANO - www.anima-rec.com

In 1987 Marco first came into contact with acid music in a dance school in Stuttgart, where he had his first gigs. Techno hadn't yet been heard of, so Marco's first records were a concoction of all kinds of musical directions of the time. Infected by this electronic music, he looked for a suitable club after the end of his dance-school-era, where he could exclusively play techno music. He immediately found a resident location in Stuttgart's cult club, "Oz" in 1990. At this time, Marco also began producing his own tracks. When he gave Sven Väth a demo tape at one of his gigs at the "Oz" in 1992, he was called back the very next day. There followed five singles and the Minimalism EP series I-IV on Sven Väth's Harthouse label, all of which were produced toget-her with Jürgen Kreschel (aka Pascal Device). The result of their collabora-tion were remixes of Metal Master and Ayla. The Song “For my Love” and the final single on MFS, Minimalism Vol.5. 2000 has Marco changed to the very successful Label of Mauro Picotto, BXR and released his debut single „Weltklang“ which was also released in UK by Nukleuz. Marco has entered first time into the officiel german dance charts and has reached with „Weltklang“ 22 of the top 40! In 2001 Marco published additional projects, as "Plan_b", together with his friend Darko Vrabac and "Henze vs.Zaffarano" with WJ Henze, on the label "e.m.f. Records". Together with the Stuttgart one Marco formed success producer "Felix Gauder" (E-Rotic, Novaspace, The Module ...) the pro-ject "Malixx". With the title "Echoes of Lyra " he presents itself of his sensitive page. Since in this year the demand was especially strong at re-mixing of Marco, it resulted, that it re-mixed among other things Mauro Picotto "It´s like this, it´s like that". At the end of the year Italy dealt according to Marco together with Mauro Picotto and Ricky Effe his next Single "Re-Take" produce. In 2002 Marco with Anima-Recordings set up his own label and published his with Mauro´s produced Single "Re-Take" and furthermore the Single of "Girls & Boys". Highlight of the year is the cooperation with "John Watts" alias "Fisher Z". - and the new Malixx with the title "End" arose. Re-mixes in this year were among other things further for Mauro Picotto - "Pulsar 2002" + CRW feat. Veronika - "Like a Cat". In this year appearances queued up among other things on the Mayday in Dortmund and Nature One for Marco. 2003 develop Marco its regular release for the label Anima. There were tracks of and with Marco and/with friends.. On the new Website of www.anima-rec.com one can listen to now also sound files of all published tracks. As special Remix is for Darren the Christian - Electrify to mention, that on Tall Paul's label "Duty Free Rec." released... 2004 separated Marco and its label partner of many years. Marco will worry in the future alone about its label. May/June came then finally his new single "Pink Punk". Support gave it even from Carl Cox and Marco Bailey... 2005 publishes Marco his new Single "Dazed & Confused" on John Warwick´s (Ex-Prime) new label "Pro-Active". As next follows a new "Henze vs. Zaffarano" and "Plan_b" on anima and another new "Henze vs. Zaffarano" on John´s Re-Active label. Marco´s plans for autumn are, the release of his brand new third album "Extremities" together with the single "Big Dance"... His live DJ-sets around the world have not been held back despite all of his studio work..


AFRIKA I.S.L.A.M.vs. VAN BASS--- scratching the crowd crazy
(Mr.x and the machine / Maday / Nature one / Zuluone) NEW YORK USA
(Citadella/Orion Hall/Acidpark resident London)UK


Afrika Islam, a native of New York City, known as one of the pioneers of hip hop, started his musical career in 1977 in NYC as a break-dancer and MC of the legendary "Rock Steady Crew," before learning the art of mixing from the DJ legend Afrika Bambaataa. Afrika Islam has participated in the culture as one of the first Zulu Nation's first b-boys (Zulu Kings) and the first hip hop radio DJs (Zulu Beats radio show). He was the first to work immediately under Bambaataa and was responsible for doing the preliminaries at Zulu Nation parties in the 70’s, which earned him the title 'Son of Bambaataa'. Islam also co-wrote songs for the Soul Sonic Force and his own group called the 'Funk Machine'. In the late '70s Islam met Earl Chin at radio station WHBI, who offered the young DJ a show. After a short period as a DJ for the Rock Steady Crew in the early '80s, Islam moved to L.A. Once in L.A., Islam met the rapper Ice T. The two did a number of productions together. After various highly successful Hip Hop productions (in all a total of seven platinum records and many Grammy nominations - including the Colors and New Jack Hustler soundtracks). He also appeared in films such as Breakin' II and Pump up the Volume. Through his work with Ice-T, Islam also began remixing for other artists, including Michael Jackson, New Order, and the Eurhythmics. Afrika Islam also exported his successful Zulu Beats show to Japan in 1992. Finally Afrika came to a point where he decided to go a totally new path. As a result, he developed his very own crossover sound in which the major carrying elements are R´n´B, Hip Hop, Electro, Techno and House. In the mean time, Afrika Islam had made quite a name for himself in Europe. As a DJ, he participated in all of the major events such as the Love Parade or Mayday. Presently performs as Mr. X of the Mr. X and Mr. Y team (with Westbam – Love Parade Berlin creator).

GEORGE NOMEX - concept one

WANTED - freakout

ERROL DIX - schalldrukk


mixed @ the Zulu Pussy Club NYC USA

available at the entrance

Dont miss TECHNOELEMENT the hall of fame!


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