4 Channel controller gesucht

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8 Nov 2022
whats up everybody, hope you doing well,

i am a mainly dnb dj and would still consider myself a beginner

i need a lil help because i want to buy a new dj controller.

setup rn is really shit its a numark from 2012 and a drumpad midi sampler. (bc my controller has no pads at all xD)

- i feel like i need 4 channels bc i am using double drops and can't mix to the next song properly and in time.
- i would like to have 8 pads per deck for hot cueing and beatjump
- i am not a scratcher so jogwheels aren't very important
- i have a rather quick mixing style so it would be lovely if i don't have to press 6 buttons before i can use my desired effect at the desired deck
- i think every software is good enough for me but it would be awesome if i could transfer my custom made tags from virtual dj to the next software

i am looking to buy a used one right after black friday when everybody gets new gear and sells his old gear
my budget is around 500 euro (used or new)

currently looking at : pioneer ddj flx6
traktor kontrol s3
traktor kontrol s4 mk3
denon mc7000
numark ns4 fx

ofc if you have a better option in my budget you can also recommend it thank you all in advance
Since you don't want Wheels I would take one Traktor S8 and 2 Traktor D2.
Or Traktor X1 + F1 Controllers.

Now we open the discussion for all the people that want to point out that these hardware pieces are so out of date and Traktor gets no updates and so on.
This may all be true, but the devices have all the functions you wanted and the software has a lot of effect options. The sample decks may also be of use for you.

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