1. Verkaufe Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 Audiointerface mit OVP, Netzteil, USB etc. # 1

    Verkaufe Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 Audiointerface mit OVP, Netzteil, USB etc.


    Ich nehme gerne Angebote entgegen!

    Verkaufe mein kaum benutztes und voll funktionsfähiges Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 Audiointerface mit OVP, Netzteil, USB-Kabel, Original CD´s etc.

    Datenblatt: http://us.focusrite.com/usb-audio-in...s/scarlett-8i6

    Two high-quality award-winning Focusrite preamps
    The best sounding interface in its class. Focusrite's 25-year legacy forms the foundation of this new interface, with two award-winning preamps.

    Total I/O count of 8 inputs and 6 outputs
    All of the analogue and digital inputs you need for home multitrack recording. No need for breakout cables - every input & output has a dedicated socket.

    High-quality 24-bit/96kHz USB interface
    Features professional conversion and jitter elimination technology, guaranteeing pristine audio quality and reliable synchronization.

    Scarlett MixControl ultra-low-latency DSP mixer/router
    Provides an 8 x 6 DSP mixer with excellent routing flexibility, intuitive one-click configurations, and lower than 1.4ms latency (less than the time it takes sound to travel two feet through air!).

    Scarlett VST/AU/RTAS Plug-in Suite, for use in the mix
    Upgrade your standard sequencer effects and bring a touch of class to your session with Focusrite’s Scarlett compression, reverb, gating and EQ.

    Xcite+ Software Bundle
    Featuring a host of royalty-free loops and samples, a full-fledged soft-synth and Ableton Live Lite 8, providing an affordable upgrade path to Ableton Live.

    Two Hi-Z instrument inputs
    No need for a separate DI. The first two channels feature high-gain instrument inputs.

    Dedicated front-panel headphone bus
    Providing a fully customised monitor mix, with tactile level control available on the front panel.

    Monitor levels are always within reach
    A front panel volume dial provides immediate control over the main stereo outputs.

    Switchable phantom power
    Across both mic pre inputs, globally switchable direct from the front fascia.

    Software PFL
    Allows the mix engineer to easily monitor a single mixer channel or complete mix.

    Abholung oder Versand möglich.
    200€ VB
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