Beeswax - Timeline incl. remixes by Balthazar & Jackrock, Fabio Florido, Paul Funkee



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Beeswax - Timeline incl. remixes by Balthazar & Jackrock, Fabio Florido, Paul Funkee

Artist: Beeswax
Genre: Techno
Label: Bequem Digital
Release Date: 02.10.2012

Beeswax is back on Bequem Digital with a very strong dark techno track called Timeline.
High quality production, amazing grooves, interesting ideas and sounds - this is what the name Beeswax (Tracer, Sex Panda, Miniaturrec, Balkan Connection) stands for.
Incl. remixes by Balthazar & JackRock (No-Logik, Bosphorus, 1605, Renesanz), Fabio Florido (Globox, Hustler) & last but not least amazing reinterpretation by Paul Funkee (Leap4rog, Neptuun City, Elite)! If you're looking for some dark and groovy high quality techno tunes, don't pass on this one!

1) Timeline (Original Mix)
2) Timeline (Fabio Florido Remix)
3) Timeline (Balthazar & Jackrock Remix)
4) Timeline (Paul Funkee Remix)



Balthazar: great release, full support!
Ben Lb: Try It
Brendon Collins: Bathazar, JackRock, and Fabio for me.
Conrad Rogers: pumpin stuff! thx
D Becker: nice one
D-Phrag: Original is massive as HELL!!! Also grabbing Fabio's remix
Damir pushkar: My cup of tea !!! THANKS
Damolh33: superb ep
Christian Cambas: Original mix for me, will be playing
DJ George F: Fabio Florido and Balthazar remixes for me
dj hal: loving the moody groove
Dj Harv: All 4 mixes WORK that every angle of moderno techno!! Especially pleased with the Balthazar & Jackrock Remix....but depending - that Paul Funkee Remix can work the hell out of you - cheers + BIG SUPPORT from ME!
DR Motte: i love techno like this one! - download by dr. motte 4 - i play gema free music only
Dub Mechanics: Deep and dark, love it!
Egoism: big remix by Balthazar & JackRock! Thx
Gabriel Marchisio: Vry Nice Thanks
Graham Gold: Fabio's mix for me
Grunjah: Amazing release! My faves are original and Fabio Florido's version!
Jewel Kid: Fabio Florido rmx for me, Thanks :)
John 00 Fleming: Love all the mixes!
Larson Shepherd, DI FM: Original, Fabio Florido Remix, and Balthazar & Jackrock Remix for me. Support!
Lish: Downloading Tnx.
Mar: Great original and remixes!
Marc Dawson: good work on the Fabio Florido mix!
Matan Caspi: nice original and fabio's mixes. thanks!
Renzo Marini: pleased, a good rhythm,is a mood.Original for me, download,thx
Rosenhaft: Paul Funkee is huge!
Sasha Le Monnier: Original for me, nice peak time stuff from Beeswax!
Sisko Electrofanatik: Great release! full support!
Spartaque: Full Support
Stephan Grondin: original mix for me
Vid Marjanovic: Balthazar & Jackrock remix is my favorite, Paul Funkee Remix is also nice. Support
Volt & Vintage: wow... amazing EP!!! Balthazar & Jackrock and original are realy kicking ass, we love!!!!