Fabio Florido - Convex/Concave Remixes - Bdivision Records



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Artist: Fabio Florido
Release: Concave/Convex Remixes EP
Cat.Nr.: 2011BD008
Label: Bdivision Records
Genre: Techno, Minimal


1. Concave (Bizabit Remix)
2. Convex (Dj Valio & Danny F Remix)


Supported by Antoni Bios, Mark Denken, Sergio Fernandez, Dr. Motte, Subfractal, Simone De Caro, Afroboogie, Silinder, Filth & Splendour and many others!





Goetzlich: cool & crazy Stomping Techno. Will try it at the weekend.
Antoni Bios: Convex(Dj & Danny F Remx) For me!Support!
Mark Denken: Bizabit remix is amazing !
Dr. Motte: convex remix is a killer! love! play! support!
Rodrigo Diaz: nice sound. Dj Valio & Danny mix is for me
Simone De Caro: Good ep...Thx
Sergio Fernandez: Full Support! Thanks! :)
Subfractal: Dj Valio & Danny F remix for us...will test out
Anderson Noise: nice
Balthazar: will try this out
Afroboogie: Support for both trax from me,Thanks
Filth & Splendour: wicked release, on to this one!
James Trystan: Concave has it all, prog techno dirtiness.. like and will support
Teo Moss: good track!
Silinder: Convex Remix is full on!
Dylan Rhymes: Bizabit remix for me. The Dj Valio & Danny F remix reminds me of Peace Division but more Techno. Good work here!
Clint Maximus: another good release right here, plenty of reply value on this
Concave will be played alot on the shows and live gigs, convex will also get some support from me
Denis A: Good release! Valio and Danny F for me
LRCN: Excellent remix package, both are on point. Support!
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
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