[JED097] Max Gueli - Fire In The Box EP



Max Gueli - Fire in the Box EP - Jetlag Digital 097


Great tracks.
Kristian Van Haute aka X-IAN
Sales, Promotion & Product Specialist
Pioneer Pro DJ
Belgium & Lux.

Great set of releases as usual. Full support of all tracks in our progressive channel by the next update :)
Johan Nilsson
VP of Advertising / Program Director DI.FM

Feedback for: Max Gueli - Fire in the Box EP
My name: Suzy Solar
Rate: 9/10
Best track: Limerance

Reaction by : Ben Coda (Ben Coda)
Record Labels : Baroque, Polytechnic, Toes in the Sand, Segment, Jetlag Digital, Method, Dark Pleasure
Score: 10
Comments: Amazing EP from Max - full support!!

Welcome to the Italian Producer Max Gueli, he signed in the past on Couldhabour Recordings 405 Recordings,
Frisky Records, Bonzai aso. He show us here a 2 Track melodic progressive house EP.

Listen Here:

1. Fire In The Box (Original Mix)
2. Limerance (Original Mix)

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Zuletzt bearbeitet:
5/5 für Limerance

Liegt schon im Warenkorb das nette Stück :D

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