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25 Aug 2006
Apartment 11 Juni Programm 08

apartment11 – wie zuhause, nur lauter... :cool:

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Das Programm

Das Programm für Juni im Apartment 11 kann sich sehen lassen.
Das Prada Model Hanna Hansen wird neuerdings von Beat! Bookings verbucht und wir am 07.06 im Apartment sein. Danach kommt Raul Rincon (Tenor Rec.)

Sa, 07.06.08 Prada Model ****t A11

As a top model she regularly strides about the catwalks of this world, she is booked for campaigns of the top designers and TV commercials. Photo shoots and TV sets are part of her daily business. Whether as a model, presenter or actress. Hanna Hansen is more successful than ever. Daily, also she can be seen in the TV commercial Jules Mumm or on Saturdays at the game-show "deal or no deal" in Sat 1. The music is the perfect compensation at her stressful job. David Puentez with whom she became acquainted at a photo shooting, inspired her. He then initiated her into the secrets of a good DJ. One of her greatest passions little by little developed and she herself as Djane stands meanwhile at the turntables in the best clubs of Germany! Hanna Hansen is also producing new songs. Her first track "To be a Model" is available now. With her unmistakable Sound from Vocal & Techhouse she turns every club into a dance hell. She rocks the clubs and the crowd gets the best sound ever.
That is the only one: Top model playing DJane HANNA HANSEN.

Fr, 20.06.08 Raul Rincon (Tenor Rec.)

1988 DJ Schlumpf – aka Raul Rincon – starts his dj career at Stuttgart’s upper-class club “Boa”. At the age of 15, Raul has saved up for two of the legendary 1210 Technics series. With these two divine devices he sets off his very own bedroom bedlam in his discoish children’s room.

1990 Being a real vinyl maniac, Raul joins South Germany’s very first import record shop called “Casablanca for Mr. DJ”. In this ultimate meeting point and hang-out Raul soon turns into a specialist for the hot vinyl stuff.

1991 Raul Rincon has established himself within the club circuit. As a resident dj with club Zorba the Buddha, Raul Rincon presents a 9 hrs set every weekend. It is at this club that he gets to meet his later business and production partner Dip T Jones.

1992 Whereas the know-how of commercial “music producing DJs” is sometimes limited to fumbling around with their music software, Raul is equipped to the max with the knowledge acquired by visiting the famous “School of Audio Engineering” in Frankfurt/Main. However, without a musical background nothing works: Since the age of 8 he has had classical piano training, and rumour has it that he is even quite good at playing the church organ.

1994 Dip T Jones and Raul Rincon work together in their “TONHAUS” studio under the names “Jerk Work”, “Drop Dishes” and “Snack”.
Their magnificent output consists of 35 productions and more than 80 remixes, including different commissioned work e.g. for the Euro-charts storm entry N-TRANCE as well as for people like LUTRICIA MC NEIL, KYM MAZELLE, SAMANTHA FOX, DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER and even top 10 rockers FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE!

1995 His friend Andreas “Bär” Läsker gets Raul to join the ambitious COUNTING label as dj promoter and assistant. By doing so, he becomes part of the management for hip hop pioneers DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER - the Music Bear factory.

1998 There is hardly a DJ who does his job in such a consistent and passionate manner. Raul has made his passion for vinyl his profession: As one of the most competent DJ promoters he supplies 12-inches from his “vinyl sloppy pool” to more than 1.000 DJs for about four years, using the name “DJ Schlumpf” (“smurf”).

2000 Raul splits up with his business partner Dip T Jones to fully engage himself as a solo dj artist. The name “Raul Rincon” used to be a joke back in the times at TONHAUS studio, now DJ Schlumpf turns into Raul Rincon and never looks back. From 2001 onwards, he has been producing and remixing exclusively under the name RAUL RINCON.

2001 Together with Frank Schreiner Raul sets up the label tenor recordings with MUSIC MAIL Tonträger Inc. handling their affairs as far as distribution is concerned. “Raul Rincon – DJs on the Box” (TNR #001) is tenor recordings first release. Apart from his own work, Raul also does production work for fellow dj-friends and keeps extending and enlarging his tenor network. Up to date, Raul Rincon’s label sees a variety of releases including tracks by people like Brok Landers, Jochen Pash, Francesco Diaz, Chris Montana, Eddie Thoneick, DJ Wallplayer and Phonk of Future. International productions by the likes of Laurent Wolf, Simon & Shaker, Gabi Newman, etc. are soon to follow.

2002 Some time ago the local nightlife press called our man the “hardest working dj and producer”, meanwhile señor Rincon can look back to 14 years full of dj bookings and living for the music. Almost every time he gets to play at a club, he gets booked again, thanks to his energetic and diversified dj-sets. This also leads to regular gigs at Viva´s (Germany´s top music tv channel) “Ritmo de Bacardi” series, all in all Raul is on tour with the party series for 1.5 years.

2003 Raul Rincon is the man behind the compilations “Mash Chapter 1&2” and the “Whitehouse”-CD for the “White Series” of the very popular and glossy German high-end magazine “Max”. After his remix for “KIENZLE & IBERLE – Touch Me” (TNR #004) on tenor recordings gets a massive feedback from abroad, Raul manages to score with his 7th tenor rec. release “RAUL RINCON feat. VELVET VOICE – Just a Mash Affair” (TNR #007), particularly in the English club scene.

2004 One of Raul’s remixes for a German label is being refused. Raul works on it and turns it into the tenor release No. 8. “TEST-TUBE BABY – Dismissed” really kicks off, and as a result Raul gets a lot of remix work in England. With mixes like „SYKE `N´ SUGARSTARR - Ticket 2 Ride“, „DEEP DISH - Flashdance“, „ANGEL CITY - Do you Know“, „INAYA DAY - Nasty Girl“, „GROOVECUTTERS vs GO WEST - We Close Our Eyes“ etc., Raul manages to attract the attention of quite some leading a & r people in the U.K. From now on, they provide him with commissioned work on a regular basis. Requests from France, Italy and Spain follow in due time. In addition to this, his single “RAUL RINCON pres. CAROLINA ESCOLANO – Mi Amor” is a real success in Australia.

2005 Raul Rincon’s remixes have become something to count on in the international dance charts. Remixes like „POKER PETS feat. NATE JAMES - Lovin´ you“,
„ARON SMITH - Dancin´“, „MUTTONHEADS - I´ll Be There“, „RIOT ACT - California Soul“ or „LEE CABRERA feat. MIM - I Watch You“ always appear in the play lists of big name djs. Deep Dish pick Raul’s UK-Flashdance work for their label Yoshitoshi and hire Raul to do a remix for their single “Sacramento”. Until the end of the year “Mr. Busy” finishes mixes for „HERD & FITZ - I Just Can´t Get Enough“, „COBURN - We Interrupt This Program“, „ MICHAEL ANTONIO - I Won´t Sleep“, „DJ TOUCHÉ - Good Looking“, „LMC – You Get What You Give“ etc.

2006 After having focused on his studio work for 2 years, Raul starts concentrating on his dj career once more in order to take it to another level. 2B2M now represents Raul Rincon reg. dj bookings in Germany and other countries. Raul does another remix for JASON HERD and contributes a re-work to IAN CAREY’S new label.
Mr. Axwell himself picked Raul for his Bronski Beat Cover „Tell me why“ as Reworker.

Latest single: „Indigenous People“.

More news to follow soon!

Raul Rincon – this is music 24/7!

Discography / production work
(latest releases/selection):

- Supermode - “Tell me why” (RRRemix_Ministry UK)

- Syke `n´ Sugarstarr - “Are you watching me” (RRRemix_Ger)

- Soul Avengerz - “Don´t let” (RRRemix_Positiva UK

- House Agents - “1 week in Ibiza” (RRRemix_Adhesive UK)

- Raul Rincon - “Indigenous People” (Tenor Ger)

- Noir - “My MTV” (RRRemix_Housesession Ger)

- Sergio Flores & Oliver Lang - “I call it house” (RRRemix_Tenor Ger)

- Jamiroquai - “Love Foolosophy” (Columbia UK)

- Energy 52 - “Cafe del mar” (RRRemix)

- Simmons & Christopher - “Weekend” (RRRemix_AATW UK)

- K-Klass - “Rhythm is a mystery” (RRRemix_AATW UK)

Currently in progress

- Dr. Flash & The Joker - “In the Air tonight” (RRRemix_UK)

- Housemates - “Power of music” (RRRemix_Milk & Sugar Ger)



3 Clubs 3€: Jeden Donnerstag feiern das Apartment11, das Americanos und das Raphael die kleine All Area-Party
Eintritt: 3€
Sound: House-Classics, electro mit Tune Temptation, A.M. and many more
Beginn: ab 22:00 Uhr

House-Music is our Confession
Ab 22.30h Partyhouse, Remixes und electro mit DJ Tues, Tune Tempation & Friends
Eintritt bis 23.30 3€, danach 5€

Fr. 06.06. Apartmentology
DJ Tues all night long... (Resident)

Fr. 13.06. Apartmentology
DJ Tonspion & DJ Tune Temptation (Residents)

Fr. 20.06. Apartmentology Special
DJ Paul Rincon (Tenor Rec.) & DJ Tune Temptation (Resident)

Fr. 27.6. Apartmentology
DJ Tues & Marco F. (Residents)

Party ****t House
Ab 22.30 Uhr Electro, House und Remixes mit
DJs und Residents in Rotation mit Alex Sasse und A.M. and friends
Eintritt bis 23.30 Uhr 3€, danach 5€

Sa. 07.06. Prada Model ****t A11
Hana Hansen (Beat! Bookings)
Ab 04:00 Richard Larive (Energy Mastermix) & Marco F. (Resident)

Sa. 14.06. Energy Mastermix Special
DJ A.M. & DJ Alex Sasse (Residents)
Ab 04:00 DJ S.F. (Resident)

Sa. 21.06. Party ****t House
DJ K_Louis (Bruckclub) & DJ Alex Sasse (Resident)
Ab 04:00 DJ Marco F. (Resident)

Sa. 28.06. Party ****t House
Alex Sasse & DJ Agony (Residents)
Ab 04:00 DJ Tune Temptation (Resident)

Apartment 11
Grafingerstrasse 6
81671 München

U/S/Tram/Bus Ostbahnhof


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