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6 Nov 2010
Legotek Records 003
Various Artists – ya:rok

Dear friends,
We are honored to present you our third release. It comes out the same month we celebrate 3 years of making.
After 2 beautiful releases, an amazing tour in Germany, growing followers all over the world, we feel we are on the right way.
In this release you will find the debut track by our own Thomas Stieler, second track by our Duesseldorf star, Christian Reich & third tracks by founder Nir Ivenizki followed by the super talented Dot.

A1 : Thomas Stieler – Get up
Get up and take a flight to outer space, straight up to Down-tempo town, where the Bass is kicking, Space is around you & the breeze chills you, just enough. Kicking bass line! Good morning Thomas!


A2 : Nir Ivenizki – Funk It
Nir does it again. Call Jack. This one has it all. Fine drama, high voltage snares and groove – lots of groove. Use ONLY in case of feeling good. All you need is a good soundsystem and shiny happy people. *Shine on*.


B1 : Dot – Hidden Party
Where & What is it, we can’t say. All we know is that it Groovy, fresh & Full. Splash some Disco-Funk, & check out the unknown side of Dot: Groove is in the heart!


B2 : Christian Reich & Nantes – Esperando
Christian’s second track on Legotek is a tribute to all the latin elements, in an hypnotizing fusion of loops and beats. With a little help of Nantes, you will not be able to stop yourself. Meet your next dancefloor adventure.


first feedback:

Mathias Kaden // Vakant // Freude am Tanzen / Jena :: Germany

GREAT VA!!!! thanks

Oliver Goldt // Freude am Tanzen / Jena :: Germany

absolutly added value 12"!!! 4 different tracks in Housemission with
one target: deep shaking haunch & body!
my fav is "Hidden Party" and "Get up", so good and timeless funky.

Andrea Ferlin // Freak N Chic // Contexterrior // Boxer Sport

Very nice pack, i will play for sure, my fav one is esperando.

Ken Hayakawa // Musik gewinnt Freunde / Vienna :: Austria

hands up for Stieler!

exclusive prelisten ans advance sale here

Release Date: 15.12.10

See you soon!
Legotek Records

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