Out Now>>go!! The 2nd Gogo Music Label Compilation

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6 Aug 2005

GO!! – The second GOGO Music label compilation – selected and mixed by Ralf GUM

Tracklist – GO!!

01 I’m A Man (CrisP Mix) - SUGAR BEAT
02 Magic Star (Simon Grey Vocal) - Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua
03 Easy (Compilation Mix) - Ralf GUM
04 Miami Theme (Ralf GUM’s Sax Lick Dub) - RAW ARTISTIC SOUL
05 Soulful Things (Benny Pecoraio’s Bless The Funk Dub) Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua
06 Try Me (Ralf GUM & Benny Pecoraio Original) - Ralf GUM vs Dennis Legree & Inaya Day
07 Fela Brasil (Main Mix) - RAW ARTISTIC SOUL feat. Domingo Patricio
08 So That You Know (Ralf GUM & CrisP Vocal Mix) - Freddy Lopez presents Mia Chevais
09 Oya O (Alix Alvarez Sole Channel Remix) - RAW ARTISTIC SOUL feat. Wunmi
10 Kana (Main Mix) - RAW ARTISTIC SOUL feat. Laygwan Sharkie
11 Warrior (RAW ARTISTIC SOUL Vocal Dub) - Ralf GUM feat. Beate S. Lech
12 Always (Ralf GUM’s Deep GOGO Music Mix) - Lief
13 Zaab (Minimal Dub & Ralf GUM’s History Goes By Mix mixed) - RAW ARTISTIC SOUL
14 Undone (Original Mix) - SUGAR BEAT & Jen – GOGO 017

Since 5 years on the search for the perfect song - Ralf GUM is indefatigable on his way to discover music with real soul and make it available for the world. It's about a musical soul, which is manifested in thrilling melodies and far-reaching lyrics. Wrapped in a timeless robe of house-beats with influences from Funk, Soul, Afro-Latin and Jazz GOGO Music got renown for its unique releases.

Ralf GUM, founder and driving force of GOGO Music, is well known as Producer and upfront tastemaker DJ in Germany's House-scene and one of the few who also enjoys international popularity in this genre as well. Quickly after the foundation in 2001 the label developed to sure source for quality music. The international scene responded with vast feedback on each release. Superstars like Roger Sanchez or brands like Hed Kandi grab with pleasure the tracks for their own compilations. When the first GOGO Music label-compilation "GO!", including the highlights of the first 3 years label-work was released in April 2005 UKs TTR Magazine said it's "the best compilation of the year". Late 2005 GOGO Music was called "one of the hottest imprints around" by the leading magazine Blues & Soul and in Germany's Subculture you could read that "GOGO Music is one of the prime German house labels". The foundations of the label is the deep/strong passion of each musician for inspiring music, which takes every listener in it's ban and does not release him anymore.

The now available second label compilation "GO!!" combines tracks from RAW ARTISTIC SOUL, SUGAR BEAT, Roberto De Carlo, Benny Pecoraio and Ralf GUM himself. RAW ARTISTIC SOUL, who build up a faithful fan base with their album "What About Love" quickly, are a likewise important part for the success of GOGO Music than SUGAR BEAT. This project stands for an unmistakable fusion of very danceable broken-beats, Jazz and Funk. The rising Swiss talent Roberto De Carlo, who releases on Purple Music as One Touch as well, achieves his contribution like Benny Pecoraio, who developed to a real hot tip during the last years. Next to the "best of" of the last one and a half years, the marvellous flowing mix contains as well new tracks and remixes by Ralf GUM. The new NY-House-Don Alix Alvarez (Sole Channel, Producer of Mr V - Da Bump and other releases on Masters At Work) and the keyboard-wizard Simon Grey (session musician for Incognito and Remixer for e.g. Elton John or Jamiroquai) grant an extra brilliance to individual tracks. Collaborations with vocalists like Inaya Day (Vocals for Missy Elliott, Michael Jackson, P Diddy, Mousse T) or Wunmi (Tr¸by Trio, Masters At Work) help the CD to get a perfect soundtrack. All in all 14 songs convince with their irresistible groove and let the heart of every house-lover beat stronger.


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