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29 Apr 2009

ich verkaufe meine GESAMTE Plattensammlung.. diese hat mich locker 2000 Euro gekostet!

Die Platten wurden gekauft, digitalisiert und in Folien ins Regal gestellt!

Einzelpreis für eine EP: 5 Euro
Einzelpreis für eine LP: 9 Euro

Rabatt ist natürlich möglich!

Wenn ihr mehrere Platten wollt, macht ne Liste und schickt sie mir an:

Bezahlung erfolgt entweder per Überweisung oder Paypal (hier fallen Gebühren an)

Versand je nach dem wie viel Platten ihr nehmt maximal jedoch 12 Euro!

Hier die Liste:

Interpret Titel
Kabale und Liebe & Mumbling Yeah
Daniel Sanchez
Melchoir Prod. Don Juan/In the Spirit
Larry Heard pres. The Sun can´t compare
Henrik Schwarz und I exist because of you
Rozzo Melissa
Lucio Aquilina El Dorado/Mente
Samim Eternally collapsing object EP
Len Faki/
2000 and One Podium #4
Onur Özer Freakdisco EP
Andomat 3000 BND2
Ricardo Villalobos Sei es Drum LP
Julien Chaptal Am I Loco Lima
Prompt Elephant
Reboot Be tougher/Letters
Thomas Melchior/
Luciano Father/Solomon´s Prayer
Andomat 3000 &
Jan L Delay
Pepe Bombilla Yamore Remix/Harmonics Crashes
Hugo Born to Bop
Miguel Toro Oil of Mars
Carsten Jost/
Efdemin Just a Track/Love
Marek Hemmann Mini EP
Mountain People No.5
Stefan Tretau Flederlaus EP
Lemos Part Two
Minimal Man Make a Move Pt.2
Matt John/ Soulkaramba/
Daniel Dreier &
Phage/ Elevator
Audio Werner Kabarett
Ricardo Villalobos Fizheuer Zieheuer
Nick Curly &
Reclick If you like EP
Jin Choi High Quality Schall EP
Unknown Musto
Sebbo Watamu Beach
Federico Molinari Enerverende
Ricardo Villalobos Enfants
Minimal Man Make a Move Pt.2
Manoo Agoe
Johnny D Walkman
Kevin Saunderson History Elevate 4
Kaliber 15
Chris Carrier Communication Breakdown
Kenny Larkin You Are/Bassmode
Stefan Goldmann Lunatic Fringe
Stefan Tretau Quick and Dirty
Bee-low feat.
Amir Lost
Kreon Shake and Make EP
Nick Curly Dubnoise EP
Italoboyz Victor Casanova
Petre Inspirescu Sadakat/Cholesterol
Supermayer Two of Us
Christian Smith and
John Selway Total Departure
Len Faki Mekong Delta
Layo and Bushwacka Life to Live Pt.2
Len Faki My Black Sheep Interpretations ½
Kaliber 19
Artificial Latvamaki It is not now either
Robert Babicz Sin
Rejected SL3/Cliché
Radio Slave Secret Base
Paul Kalkbrenner Tatü Tata
Gabriel Ananda Ihre Persönliche Glücksmelodie Remixes
Harald Björk Brus
Gabriel Ananda Süssholz
Worthy Irst_te
Gregor Tresher A thousand Nights Pt.1
Raudive Here
Style of Eye Big Kazoo
Two_Em Manjana

Paul Woolford
Pres. Bobby Peru The Truth/Lies
Plastikman Spastik
Martinez Minimal Deepness
Wighnomy Brothers 3 Fachmisch EP
Bushwacka Back on Top
Ricardo Villalobs Unflug
Alter Ego Why not!?
Oxia Speicher 34
Pär Grindvik Do us Parts Rmx
Rejected Lets go Juno
Audion Mouth to Mouth
Len Faki My Black Sheep
Len Faki Amsterdam meets Berlin
Scott Groves Around Midnight
10 Years of Tiefschwarz Remixes
2000 and One/ Tropical Melons
Gregor Tresher Full Range Madness
Larsson Taxi TT
Butch und
Amir Set it off
Detroit Grand
Pubahs R1AE Remixes
Alter Ego Jolly Joker (White Vinyl)
Alter Ego Why not!? (Black)
Steve Rachmad Tir na nog/Divide and Conquer
Wighnomy Brothers Speicher 19
Samuel L.Session Can you relate
Rolf Oksen Bart Eins EP
Oxia/Intus Speicher 50
Morgenklang Brandnew Shit
Simon Baker Wilmslow Road
Sleeper Thief Cenotes/Vaja te suba te
Frankie Salute
Monoblock Esas Cosas EP
Ben Ryser Minyou Pt.B
Minilouge Elephants Parade
Danilo Vigorito Bellatrix
Tom Ellis Rum Scum
Donnacha Costello 6x6
Someone Else Lowdown brittle
Dave Shokh &
Jaxson Itzsamma
Paul Ritch Samba EP
Troy Pierce 25 Bitches Vol.2
Marc Houle Techno Vocals
Fabrizio Maurizi Ok,Switch on
Adultnapper Juror No.9
Jens Zimmermann #1
Pan-Pot Mafia EP
Matt Star Anin
Spektre Hover/The Bird
Pan-Pot Charly
Anja Schneider Mole
Laufmasche Warp Woman EP
Super Flu Momaratzn
Death is nothing to fear 1
Min2Max Part 1
Heartthrob Baby Kate Remixes
Loco Dice Seeing through shadows
Louderbach Enemy Love Rmx Pt.2
False Fed on youth
Lemon 8 Model 8
Magda Stop
Solee Impressed
Radical Majik Dub Rider
Fachmann 01
Harry Axt Snippet
Dominik Eulberg Bionik EP
Guy Gerber Late Boomers
Pig and Dan Imagine
Guy Gerber Belly Dancing
Sven Väth Beauty and the Beast Rmx
Cocoon Morphs
Tokyo Liquid Cherries/Too late to Land
Sven Väth Dein Schweiss
Legowelt Disco Rout
Pig and Dan On to the Beat
Beroshima Horizon
Guy Gerber and
Shlomi Aber Sea of Sand
Jacek Sienkiewicz Dream Machine
Guy Gerber This is Balagan
Phonogenic Last beer on earth
Phil Kieran Missp EP
Nick Curly Pujante EP
Cocoon Morphs
Tokyo Skränkt/Akklää
Gui Boratto Tales from the Lab
Benny Benassi Satisfaction
Alter Ego Betty Ford
Laidback Beautiful Day
Heidi vs Riton Vejer EP
Mason Exceeder
Rainer Weichhold Bamboo/Very nice
DRamirez feat.
Dmitry Bobrov Pleasure me
Tiga You gonna want me Rmx
Mauro Picotto Komodo
Solid Groove This is Sick
Popof The Chomper
Justice We are your friends
I-Robots Frau
Mandy vs Booka
Shade Body Language
Jürgens Love it
Fedde le Grand Put your hands up for Detroit
Zemrän Belly Dancer
Uniting Nations Out of touch
Karotte Tronic/Storytelling
Jean Claude Ades Shingaling
John Tejada Sweat on the Walls
Dance Train Classics 24
Depeche Mode Everything counts Rmx
Phobia Phobia Rmx
Angello Laidback Luke Get Dumb
Dance Train Classics 7
Chymera Triangle Treasures
Trentemöller Nam Nam
Popof Alcoolic
Popof Stereos and such
Phil Kieran Skyhook
Unknown Bodyspin 2008
**** off The Bottom
Alter Ego Why not/Rocker
Röyksopp What else is there
Chemical Brothers Do it again
Depeche Mode A pain that I’m used to Rmx
Solid Groove This is sick
I-Robots Frau
LCD Soundsystem Northamericanscum Rmx
D.I.M Airbus Baby
ZZT Lower State of Consciousness
D.I.M Is you
Chemical Brothers Do it again
Junior Jack eSamba
Nelly Furtado Promiscous
JCA I begin to wonder
Nightcrawlers Surrender your Love
Dance train Classics 25
The Prodigy Firestarter
I-F Space invaders are smoking gras
Chemical Brothers Electronic Battle Weapons 8
Digitalism Pogo
Deadmau5 Faxing Berlin
Nightcrawlers Push the Feeling on
DJ Hell My definition of House Music
Sunset Strippers Falling Stars
Lützenkirchen 3 Tage Wach
Dance train classics 3
Tiefschwarz Damage (incl.M.A.N.D.Y Rmx)
Canvas Rebel One
Unknown Llamame
Herbert/ Moving like a train Rmx
Smith and Hack To our disco friends
Rene et Gaston Merluche Ideale EP
Closer Musik You don´t know me
Jay Haze Love for a strange World
Plastikman Music
Sven Väth Fire LP
Marc Romboy Contrast LP
Thomas Melchoir No Disco Future LP
Kraftwerk Aerodynamik/La Forme
Lucioperca Meet her at the Love Family Park
I-F Space invaders are smoking grass Remixes
Solvent Radio Gaga Pt.1
DJ Hell Keep on Waiting
Terry Hunter Madness EP
Michael Jackson Beat it
Berovic /Leichner Aurora
Michael Jackson Billie Jean
Jacknife Lee Making me Money
Daniel Wang The Look man no Drum Machine EP
Aha Take on me
Paul Young Come back and Stay
Daft Punk Around the World
New Order Blue Monday
Damian Marley Welcome to Jamrock
JB3 Close Grind
DJ Deon Let me Bang
Matthew Jonson Marionette
Eagles of Death Metal Death by Sex
Microfunk Pecan
Depeche Mode Sinner in Me (Ricardo Villalobos Rmx)
Rick James Give it to me
Celvin Fisher Freaks come out Rmx
Iggy Pop Lust for Life
CZR Release
Wassermann W.I.R (Rmx)
Mendo Everybody I Got him
DJ Sneak Outrageous EP
Rhadoo Rose Rouge Rmx
Ricardo Villaobos The Contempt
Ramon Tapia Addicted
Redhead Sad homecoming
VA The 12th Porn Cut
Dennis Ferrer I can´t go under
District one Time for Grace
Andomat 3000 Quarzy EP
Daniel Steinberg Viva Fiwa
Roland M. Dill Share your body
Red Robin and
Jacob Hilden Metrogold
Gabriel Ananda Lauschgoldengel
Gabriel Ananda Endlich 17
SLG Earthworm
Red Robin and
Jacob Hilden Lazy Jack
V.A. 5 gegen Willy
Larsson Ruanda
Supermayer The Art of Letting go
The Green Men The Fog
Axel Bartsch und
Alex Niggemann Twofer
Chapeau Claque Reykjavik
Juli Holz Tränen auf dem Dancefloor​
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29 Apr 2009
Folgende Platten sind bereits vergriffen:

Ricardo Villalobos Sei es Drum LP
Jin Choi High Quality Schall EP
Marc Houle Techno Vocals
Justice We are your friends
bookah shade body language
Lützenkirchen 3 Tage Wach
Minilouge Elephants Parade
Len Faki - Mekong Delta
Audion Mouth to Mouth
len faki - my black sheep-interpr.1/2
Justice We are your friends
Microfunk Pecan
Wighnomy Brothers 3 Fachmisch EP
Amir Lost
len faki amsterdam meets berlin
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29 Apr 2009
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Mathew Jonson - Marionette
Super Flu - Momratzn
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