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12 Apr 2010
Moin! (weiter geht's in mittelmäßigem Englisch) :d :

I'm looking for a partner for a serious producer duo!

I'm in my late 20's and do music since I can remember. For more information about me and my work I will send out a short biography from my old website for all those interested in a collaboration.

Anyway, at the beginning of the year, I have reduced my studio due to mobility reasons and basically work on a virtual basis now, especially with Cubase. However, sometimes I miss my studio with all the gear...

Despite the extensive facilities, my musical output in recent years wasn't that high. I always missed a partner who might have been pushed things sometimes further and also might have been brought in some ideas.
Due to the high aims to myself pretty much every track I produce ends up in the trash.
That's why I am also in search of someone with whom I can work on a chilled basis but with a goal in mind.
As I dealed with music production since early childhood, I would sort my musical and technical know how (very cheeky) as advanced. Although I am not the best instrumentalist, I think it's quite enough for professional productions ;) .

Because of my age I think it's time for a bigger or more concrete thing now. So if you like to make good music and maybe starting a career as a producer duo - please contact me!

Here I have written down some facts for a better understanding what I am looking for.

First, the following 3 points are essential:

1. DAW: Cubase (maybe another OMF compatible host) for exchanging whole projects
2. Age: Between 20 - 35 years
3. Nonsmoker (even if it looks wrong positioned, in long sessions this could destroy the vibe in the studio or on a set and I also don't like yellow bleached keys on my rare synthesizers ;) )

Producing good and funky music
Professional remix work for well-known artists
Professional website and releases
Maybe in the future also DJ sets and live acts

With Cubase (or other OMF compatible software) over the internet (FTP server) and a big portion of fun.

What style?
house, broken beat, nu jazz and commercial remixes of all kinds (no matter what style)!
electro house, club house, disco house, deep house, french house, beach house, vocal house, broken beat, big beat, electro funk, future jazz, acid jazz, dubstep, drum & bass and so on...
Basically every modern style out there but always flavoured with a pinch of funk and soul.

It could sound like?
Bloodshy & Avant, The Neptunes, ...
Steve Angello, Deadmau5, Fedde Le Grand, Klaas, Benny Benassi, Steve Bug, ...
The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Propellerheads, Massive Attack, ...
Reel People, Kenny Dope, Louie Vega, Knee Deep, Copyright, Sandy Rivera, Freemasons, Dennis Ferrer, Henrik Schwarz ...
The Sunburst Band, Bugz in the Attic, Jazzanova, 4hero, Incognito, Omar, Bugge Wesseltoft, ...
Gilles Peterson, Jay-Dee, Premo, Rodney Jerkins, Timbaland, ...

Or just listen to a quite commercial promo club mix of ATFC for getting an idea:

Also listen to the more soulful vibe you can find at the cosmic lounge:

You are exactly the right person if:
-- your girlfriend says you'd spend more time with your music equipment than her
-- you also think schools have to introduce MIDI as second language
-- your plugin list in your DAW needs more space than your screen offers
-- you, although you are'nt sporty would win the Ironman because the winner would receive a legendary Minimoog
-- you love to produce dance music as much as dancing all night long in the club
-- it's not a problem for you to produce popular and commercial music as well
-- you like to bang bang the boogie, say up jump the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat...
-- you just ****ing love to play and produce music

You are not the right person if:
-- you think 'Bloodshy & Avant' is a drink
-- you think 'The Neptunes' are the local fishing association
-- you think 'Ministry of House' is a religious community from the U.S.
-- you think 'Incognito' is one of these old spy movies
-- you think 'Nexus' is a car brand
-- you think 'Timbaland' is a shoe manufacturer
-- you think 'Kontakt' is a science fiction movie
-- you currently working on a lot of different projects

Congratulations, you managed to read my novel to here .
I hope it doesn't look too much like a bizarre lonely hearts ad. But I have the feeling to give a more detailed description for whom or what I'm looking for. Don't take this to seriously but I think it helps to make clear what the thing is all about.
In real life I am a quite pleasant person :) .

I would be very happy to hear from you creative guys soon.
Please contact me via PM or even better direct via email: kelvinmatrix(@)


PS: Even if you are'nt fitting the profile: Please feel free to contact me if you interested in some collaboration!
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Und vor allem, wo kommst du her? Oder hab ich das überlesen? :)

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