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    [YkYk020] Glander - Variations

    Yuki Yaki 020 : Glander - Variations The tracks on "Variations" follow the idea of making a "version of a main-theme", which you can find in classical dub-music. Equipped with reverb and delay sounds and based on a solid bass-grounding every track takes its own way. So please feel free to use...
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    [YkYk019] maps and diagrams - The Giant Woods

    Yuki Yaki 019 : maps and diagrams - The Giant Woods Maps And Diagrams' latest strike on classical electronica. Warmly droning ambient-textures with plenty of endless space echo dominate the album. Melancholy, contemplation and calm prevail - nicely wrapped in mysteriously shining soundscapes...
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    [free MP3] [YkYk018] YkYk.VA - Selfmade

    YukiYaki 018 : YkYk.VA - Selfmade Yuki Yaki's 4th anniversary - four years, three peoples, two cities, one idea. Compilation with '82nd ave, Dimitar Dodovski, Humeka, Absolute Time, Scaff, Stuub, Josif, Zzzzra, Glander, Emmerichk and choenyi. Tracks: 01. '82nd ave - Heavyweight 02. Dimitar...
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    [free Mp3] [YkYk015] Humeka - Densité Matérielle

    YukiYaki 015 : Humeka - Densité Matérielle Humeka claims he has never been eager to re-invent music but to find his own interpretation of Techno, House, Dub and Ambient. And there is hardly a better description for his first release on Yuki Yaki. The six tracks and four remixes clearly state...