[FILE] Beatport Exclusive: Bobby Deep ft. Venes - Get Me High EP - Jetlag Digital



1. Get Me High (Original Mix)
2. Get Me High (Vogelmann Remix)
3. Get Me High (Vogelmann No Vox Remix)
4. Get Me High (Oliver Morgenroth Remix)
5. Black Magic Woman

Listen here: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/163549/Get Me High EP

Bobby Deep feat. Venes (Incl. Vogelmann & Oliver Morgenroth Remixes) - Get me High EP
Label: Jetlag Digital
Released: March 24nd, 2009

Reviewed: 4.5/5
Avg Rating: 4.0 stars (of 20 ratings)

Another excellent EP from Jetlag Digital. Bobby Deep's "Get Me High" makes for a really great club track with fat beats, great bassline & an uplifting vibe. Once again in their collaboration Venes makes the difference as a song writer & singer. Amazing vocals on this one make every dancer go crazy in the Original mix.

The Oliver Morgenroth Remix reflects the unique style of this label with an excellent deep feeling making this track a great tool for every DJ, for every set.

The Vogelmann Remix goes more into progressive sounds, giving a more atmospheric feeling with that great synths on the back of the track. An excellent break down on the fifth minute, perfectly using the vocals from VeNes, turns the track into a musical journey for every listener.

Black Magic Woman is also great stuff, a track that balance between three styles, a perfect combination between house beats, a progressive bassline & trance synths. Again, VeNes vocals are great, making it a real dancefloor killer. I'm sure this will be played a lot this summer in many beach bars all around the world.

Technically, all of the tracks have great sound arrangement & good mastering. This Ep will be in my CD Case for sure!

dj DenKo [01-Mar-2009]

Neue Themen