V/A- Peaktime Techno Tunes Vol 1



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Jun 2010

Special Caterlog No 10 Rewashed Ldt pres: Peaktime Techno Tunes Vol 1!

if you like current Techno Music this is a must have for you!

Label Head Sebastian Groth compiled 21 massive Techno Floorburner of 2010 from Artist like Gayle San, Bas Mooy, Peja, Brc Boy, George Morel and many many more!!!!

6 Tracks was Exclusive produced for this compilation by some of the greates newcommer of the Year 2010! Check this powerfull Tracks by Artist like: Ryuji Takeuchi & Ironman, A-brothers, Cortechs, Nierreich, Stefan Senk and Meiko!!!

on top you find all tracks in a Dj mix ;)

1.Gayle San - Mania (Bas Mooy remix)
2. Peja - Outdoor
3. George Morel - Let´s Groove again (Sebastian Groth Remix)
4. Felix Bernhardt - Marios Mini Party (orginal)
5. Cortechs - Cofactor
6. A-brothers - Gear Wheels
7. Sebastian Groth - Black Lagoon
8. Niereich - der Schmied
9. Stefan Senk - Dead End
10. Sebastian Groth - Crank Sheeps (Ivan Devero remix)
11. Ryuji Takeuchi & Ironman - Hagane
12. Peppe Fimiani - Ignatia (Sobar & Gorziza remix)
13. A-nuss - 002 (Sebastian Groth´s toolbox)
14. Sebastian Groth - Strait up (Andreas Florin remix)
15. Loui Fernandez - Unusual
16.Ivan Devero - Azafata del Mercadona
17. Spastic Djs - i like
18. Meiko - Rolling Stones
19. BCR Boys - the flux ( dj Hi-shock remix)
20. sebastian groth - peak time techno tunes vol. 1 (bonus live dj set
21. Felix Bernhardt - Little Horse (Sebastian Groth remix)

the Exclusive tracks are allready in Cases of: Richie Hawtin, A Mochi, Audio Injection, Claude Vonstroke,dandi & Ugo, Danny Tenaglia, Dave Clark, the Discoboys, Dj Arcane, Dr Hoffmann, John Selway, Sven Wittekind, Mark Morris, Patrick Dsp, Patrick Lindsey, Perc, Torsten Kanzler, Tom Hades and many more!!