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25 Jul 2009

Artist: Flavio Etcheto
Title: Solaz EP
Remixer: Jorge Savoretti, Franco Cinelli
Cat. Nr: KUM022
Format: 12" Limited and for the moment exlusive !!!!
Release Date: 4th February 2011
12" Distribution: Straight Distribution (Germany)

Prelisten click here:

Solaz is the expression of the ludic part of ourselves, like a scattering of moving particles deviated by our essential energy. A vigorous moment: magnetic waves of pure creativity and lightness invite our soul to escape. Open doors to go out and play... the music that makes us fly.

Solaz is the consolidation of an arduous conceptual project of KUMQUAT together with Flavio Etcheto, Franco Cinelli and Jorge Savoretti.

Flavio Etcheto aka Flavius e (Casa del Puente, Unlock rec., Traum, Kupei Musika, Buenos Aires, Arg.), this in- teresting musician has the merit to figure among the pio- neers of the experimental sound in Argentina. Different multifaceted projects such as Trineo, Ocio, Soda Stereo and Gustavo Cerati (international singer-songwriter and ex-leader of the most legendary and important Latin-Amer- ican band of electronic pop-rock,) and Roken, electronic live-project with Gustavo Cerati and Leandro Fresco, are part of his impressive path.

With official presentations throughout international giant tours in USA, México, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panamá, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile and on most important festivals as Sonar, Creamfields, Mutek ...

His compositions containing dub, pop, techno and ambient elements have been included on compilations such as Electronische Musik Aus Buenos Aires (Traum), The Only Bliphop record you will ever need! (Luakabop), Casa Arena (Casa del Puente Discos), Bailen (Buenos Aliens); releasing also his own album Conjunción y Conjunción RMX (Rhythmic NYC) with remixes from Dany Nijensohn, Carlos Alfonsín and Leandro Fresco, Baile sin verbo EP (Unlock Recordings) and Indicios (Kupei Musika), as part of his discography. Flavius e is his dj-live project and leads Isla de los Estados, avant-gardist electro-popband with the singers Lolo Gasparini and Mariana Monjeau.

The sonorous reversion of Franco Cinelli (Esperanza, Kumquat, AirDrop, Lomidhigh, Rosario, Arg.) is a free story of speed projections towards the infinity without horizons or bounds, only air and multicolored stars.

The exquisite talent of Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza, M-nus, Dumb Unit, Rosario, Arg.) completes this aerial package with hypnotic touches in his dub techno reversion.

Zurich - Switzerland


place your pre-order here:
Straight Distribution, Bruckwiesenweg 34, DE - 70327 Stuttgart, Germany
www.straight-distribution.com | info@straight-distribution.com



Raresh (Arpiar)
cool remix from Franco .. thanks a lot

Dani Cassarano (Cadenza)
Flavio Etcheto - Solaz (Franco Cinelli Remix) franco remix is awesome 10/10

Troy Pierce (Minus)
Franco and Jorge mixes are both dope. thanks.

Hernan Cattaneo (Global Underground)
really good stuff will play Franco & Original

Oxia (GoodLife)
Nice ep, Jorge Savoretti remix is the one for me.

Tj Norris (TONESHIFT | Enzyme)
Kumquat's latest is as if you tarted up an uncharted sleepy new wave hit from 1983 and spiked it with heaping dash of habanero. 'Solaz' is nearly white hot and Flavio Etcheto is slick as gasoline at a bbq. People, this is the good sh*t, top shelf, don't settle for cheap imitations! Funky with a puckered attitude, and that's just the original version. When Jorge Savoretti gets himself wrapped around the track its nothing short of expertly crafted sexuality smouldering on the dancefloor. Great transitions and follow-through, never fades into boredom, full steam ahead! And the conclusion is as almost as startling as Franco Cinelli takes to the deck to craft a sensuous afterglow without hindsight. It takes a few minutes to blossom, but about a quarter through you know youre deep in it.

Laurent Garnier (Crosstown Rebels)
cool release - nice grooves

Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware Records)
cool driving remix by mr. savoretti. high standard as always. also nice moody mix by Franco Cinelli, i like the subtle sounds in the background and the reverbed deep toms around 4 minutes. extraordinary production, mr. C.!

Steve Lawler
will download and pass on

Luke Solomon
Solaz is killer. full support

Nick Warren
Love it love it, the original is so damn funky and franco's mix hits the spot also

Luca Bacchetti (Tenax/ Wagon Repair)
Franco Cinelli is my pick! Cool tracks! Thanks!!!!!!!

Alexi Delano (Plus 8, Drumcode)
Thank you! 8/10

Gel Abril (Ovum, Get physical)
franco cinelli mix the guy always deliver tnx! 9/10

Richie Hawtin (M-nus)

Michel de Hey (Hey!)
Yeah all versions sound great, support!

Chloe (Playhouse, Paris)
franco's is cool. has a good underground edge.

Mirco Violi (Be Chosen)
remixes are nice!

Patrick Zigon (Highgrade, Puzzle Traxx)
nice ep - will play for sure!

Seph (Dumb Unit)
fresh and cool release, all mixes are very well produced, although jorge's mix is my fav!

Dubfire (Sci-tec)
downloading thanks

Ingo Gansera (Dumb Unit, Mobilee, Exercise One)
Flavio Etcheto - Solaz (Jorge Savoretti Remix) nice ep ! i like jorge's mix best. good work.

Secret Cinema (Cocoon)
Jorge Savoretti's is cool

Karl Moestl (defusion records)
solaz (original) is great also the remixes, will play it in my shows.

and many more...

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