GOGO 067: Joseph Junior & MAQman – Spiritualized (incl. Ralf GUM remix) - OUT NOW



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5 Nov 2006
London’s Soul singer Joseph Junior and Vietnam’s House stalwart MAQman are back with their 4th single on GOGO Music. Their latest outing titled ‘Spiritualized’ is a song that has all the ingredients to do just what the title suggests. The release comes geared up with a Ralf GUM remix, who is adding his magic touch to this first remix work he did in 18 months.

Get it here http://www.traxsource.com/label/15/gogo-music
iTunes Pre-Order: hyperurl.co/GOGO-067
Releasedate: 25th of March 2016


:: ‘Pick of the Week!’ Spirit Of House (Switzerland)

:: ‘Joseph Junior and MAQman continue their magical musical telepathy…’ Deep House News (South Africa)

:: ‘Wow... what an exceptional track! I'll definitely be playing, supporting, charting... amazing.’ Russell Pollitt (Soulfuledge, UK)

:: ‘Thanks for the promo! Im digging Ralf GUM Mix!!!’ Rocco (France)

:: ‘This track just oooooooozes pure quality, a real deep gem! Absolutely beautiful.’ Dean Facer (United Colours Of House, UK)

:: ‘Lovely stuff.’ Charles Spencer (Loveslap, USA)

:: 'Thank you very much. Gave a careful listen this week and I really like this mixes: MAQman and Jezrael Classic Mix, Ralf GUM Remix, MAQman Original Mix.' Hector Romero (Def Mix, USA)

:: ‘Awesome track! Really love these soulful sounds. Quality release with great mixes. The Classic and the Original Mixes works for me this time. Thanks for the music.’ Franco Martinelli (Housepage, Italy)

:: ‘Nice track and mixes.’ Robert Owens

:: ‘Once again another timeless production from GOGO Music. Love and support all mixes!!’ Tim White (House Afrika, South Afrika)

:: ‘My favorite mixes are the Ralf GUM and The MAQman and Jezarel Mixes.’ Kenny Carpenter (Italy)

:: 'Cool Classic Mix for House Radio.' Michael Ramirez (Spain)

:: ‘Thank you very much for sending. It’s gonna air either way on Freak31, just have to decide which version. Hard to choose ;-)’ Pim Bergkamp (Freak 31, Netherlands)

:: 'Thanks again for the music, this release has really made an instant impact and I'll be featuring one of the mixes in next week's radio show on Housebeat Radio.' Dean Serafini (UK)

:: 'SUPERRRRR!!!' Mirko Paoloni (Clubology House Chart Radio Show, Italy)

:: 'The new Joseph Junior is a smash! I loved the last one with him and so for this new track to be as good is just amazing.' Myles Chalmers (Sandisco, UK)

:: 'Once again a wonderful track that gives me joy and smiles! I love all the versions with a little bit more preference to the Classic Mix! Go on like this.' Sascha Corti (Aquagroove, UK)

:: 'I feel better every time I hear MAQman's music. It makes me feel like the music is from the heart and Soul. Full Support.' Rabbitdisco (Bangkok, Thailand)

:: 'Another scintillating package. ooooozing with soul.' Mike Stukes (Mystic Vybes, WHCR 90.3 FM, New York)

:: 'Very nice.' Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Germany)

:: 'Amazing package! Love the mixdown of the Original, bassy and wide. Really digging the Ralf GUM Remix after a few listenings with its own deep and jazzy mood. My favorite will be the MAQman and Jezrael Classic Mix, the groove is just right there!' Luman Child (Switzerland)

:: '5/5 - a classic Vocal House track, produced with the maximum of quality. Great vocals, well done mixes. Full Support, Radio and Beach Club!' Lorenzo Al Dino (Austria)

Preview: http://www.gogo-music.net/releases/Joseph-Junior-MAQman-Spiritualized.php

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