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23 Apr 2014

★ Quality Techy Pearls carefully built over stomped deep-tech beats with ace House brushes !

Creative, daring and adventurous newcomer Argentinean Alan Smid, is one of the young talented Djs and producers influenced by the Buenos Aires unstoppable electronic music scene, that has claimed a worldwide reputation as South American main stop for big names and industry makers to get involved with.

Passionate about electronic music, Alan Smid began producing own tracks while in secondary school. Nowadays he is focused on translating his ideas into those sounds that inhabit his imagination. He devotes most of his nights to music not only in his studio but also in different night clubs throughout Buenos Aires. Smid and his music, his rugged bass-lines and his steely beats, keep evolving and growing, rendering into that groove that signals him out on the dance floor.

Debuting within the Progrezo Records family, the Argentinean rising artist brings three well crafted tech-house pearls with a clear signature that indubitably shine by its own as new ep 7 Leben proves. Quality beats built carefully over stomped bass-lines layered by suggestive vocal shoots and ace percussive elements aimed straight to make tension to the mix.

First on the list is Sieben Leben, a driven techy-house gem suitable on any kind of forward-moving Dj set and modern room. Solid tech beats drive straight away to an absolutely evolving bass-line to warm up as memorable as possible in the night. Percussive claps, sweet congas and pitched-up synth-lines bring together a majestic environment to enjoy without doubt. Second on the list is Apollo. Here Alan Smid delivers a more up-beat techy pearl inspired by intergalactic trips as Apollo is. As a imperative rule on Alan Smid music productions, well crafted beats and groove are ace under the sleeve, bringing quality tools for classy underground sets.

Stretching neurons to a mad journey, the Argentinean newcomer artist push edge of boundaries with a talented career to come. To close with a flourish, Alan Smid features a solid 909 techno beat dressed in a techy-house spirit with dynamic hats, claps and a particular taste for vocal treatments that undeniably add strength to the mix and kind of freshness in the night as Dark Force proves. Three outstanding techy-house pearls suitable on quality but sophisticated Dj sets without doubt.

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