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Fixate is proud to welcome Alex Rae to Fixate Records.

Alex Rae's first release on Fixate Records,Toothpick EP, features tracks Toothpick (Plus Dub version) and Pigeons & Squirrels.

Fixate Records is very pleased to welcome producer and DJ Alex Rae. Alex is a regular on the warehouse DJ scene in London and has been simmering under the radar of Londons Hype Elite for a while now. His Unique Style of Deep & Techy Grooves bounced against low slung basslines are Itching to grace the world’s best sound systems having already been tried and tested on the underground warehouse scene of north London.

The Toothpick Ep Is like a trip down the red light district, exciting and scary at the same time. Pigeons & Squirrels starts with confidence. A dark vibe that has a deep bassline and mischievous melody that keeps the track bumping throughout. It’s a track full of character set to create a unique mood in any set.
Toothpick sticks to the fundamental basics of any good club track. Popping percussion bounced of a strong bassline tinted with vocals that taunt and seduce you across an atsmophere of vice and danger, a rolling track that releases the pace only to drop you back in.

Available on DJTunes and Junodownload

With support from:

John Karagiannis - Toothpick its a nice track. Thanks for the promo.

Jakal - Loving this ep. Toothpick is one for me!!

DJ Prinz - Toothpick sounds nice ! support !

Kris Meja - Toothpick is pure tech house bomb

Derek Martin - Wicked EP, cheers!

Dennis Hercules - thx for the tracks, im gonna put them in my sets

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