LIVE-DJ-Set Up // How does this work ? (youtube)



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23 Aug 2022

I’m wondering if anyone can help me out here with the understanding of the live set up in this release concert of French DJ Myd:

At 8:40 or 15:10 you can see what I mean!

So my question is:

How does this DJ set up work exactly ?

I get that the musicians are singing, playing guitar and synthesizer through a filter and an effect board - but what’s up with the iPad kind-of-thing he has in the middle ? Is he playing loops in a MIDI program or what ? He seems to be triggering the Moog Synth-Module with some MIDI files too ? And his Roland-Synth is just played live of course.

I would love to set up something like this, - electronic drums like a DJ, but being able to switch the patterns and build them upon each other - and then playing real instruments over it, and sing and so on.

Although I’m a decent piano player and played live a lot with live-bands I really don’t get how this works - maybe you can help me with programs I could use, and what I need for syncing all of it, interface etc.

Thank you so much and have a nice day!


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