Klangcharakter presents Oliver Schories @ Angel*Klub, Hamburg

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Die Geburtstags-Sause geht in die nächste Runde.

Nach den gelungenen Parties in der Absinth-Bar, dem NFF Club sowie der Dildofabrik, läd Tim Duwensee dieses Mal zur Klangcharakter in den Angel*Klub. Zu seinem Jahrestag freut sich Tim ganz besonders Euch Oliver Schories präsentieren zu können:

Oliver Schories (der turnbeutel / Parquet / Ostwind)
Live & DJ-Set

Thomas Atzmann (Lifetime Records / Envelope Records)
Tim Duwensee (Klangcharakter)
Shahab Kalani (Music Is All)

Oliver Schories [Biography:English]

„I didn‘t really hit you. I just highfived your face.“

Whether it’s behind the turntables or in the studio, Oliver likes versatile, techno infused tracks with room for deep elements as well as pure dancefloor work. His style is warm and subtle but at the same time very energetic. With releases on „Ostwind Records“, „Parquet Recordings“ and „Musik gewinnt Freunde“, Hamburg-based Oliver Schories finally found his home in 2010 after years of experimenting with different electronic music styles like Drum n‘ Bass, 2Step and New Rave Electronica.

Just one year later, in 2011, Oliver can already look back on a huge discography of high quality releases on Labels such as Rompecabeza, Voltage Musique, Espai Music, Darkroom Dubs and of course his freshly started own imprint “der turnbeutel”. Remixes for Gui Boratto, AKA AKA, David Keno, Solee, Ian O’Donovan and dozens more, as well as Live-shows
all across Europe clearly show that his very personal belief has become reality:

“Quality will find its way”.



Biography of Thomas Atzmann

Thomas Atzmann has been living and working in Hamburg since 2004 – but his music career is rooted in his southern German home. At the age of 14, he began DJing hip-hop music. In his early childhood he learned the ins and outs of computer assembly and modification. He began producing music in 2000.
After one year he was hooked on the Drum n Bass music scene in Mannheim, naturally influencing the development of his own music. As DJ Truebadour he has played Drum n Bass-sets throughout all of Germany and other European countries since 2003. During this time he extended his own studio, and the results of his work were released by labels like Protogen-Records.

His further studies in sound engineering brought him to Hamburg in 2004. In 2008 he started playing and producing Techno music. Since then he has had releases on labels like Envelope Records, Audiohandwerk, Prima! or Lifetime Records, and has played Techno-DJ-Sets all across Germany.
He is currently working on projects that combine self-recorded sounds like vocals, every kind of percussions, and different atmospheres with rolling beats full of bass and reduced melodies. His music could be characterized as groovy melodious Minimal Techno. He is additionally working on common projects with artists like Clark Davis, Minimal Lounge, Nova & Saschko.



Biography of Tim Duwensee

Tim Duwensee is Beesides alter ego for techhouse, minimal and techno related djing + producing.

Infected by synth-pop, electronic body music and techno vibes - Tim got in early years access to breakbeats & happy hardcore. Under the name Cambrixx he started spinnin' records in 1993. It lasts about 2 years until he changed his name to Beeside and got addicted to drum'n bass.
In 1998 a migration from Bremen to Hamburg took place. Musical side-trips in UK-Garage followed. Beginning 2007 he started a weekly drum & bass-radio-show called '2 B On The Beat' on Bassjunkees.com.

Tim Duwensee has been passionate about TechHouse, Minimal and Techno in summer 2011. He played alongside Jens Bond [Highgrade Records], Thomas Atzmann [Lifetime Records], Saschko as well as many other acts. His performances are upfront and designed with a love for detail. He always takes the audience on an audio trip, without any loss of dance- and party-atmosphere. Check forthcoming gigs and stay tuned for first homerecorded tracks.



Biography of Shahab Kalani

Shahab ist 1988 aus dem Iran nach Deutschland/Oldenburg gekommen und mittlerweile seit 20 Jahren als DJ unterwegs. Von 1992 - 1996 noch im Hip-Hop zu Hause (Musikkeller) fand er den Sprung zu House, Minimal, Techno & TechHouse.

Von 1999 - 2004 war Shahab Resident im bekannten Oldenburger Werk 2. Als Organisator und Resident der Open-Air-Veranstaltung 'Stattfett' hat er sich seit 2006 auf dem Oldenburger Stadtfest einen Namen gemacht.



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