MIRABILIS 050: Alex Villanueva & Kaban 'My Lexicon' OUT NOW!



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4 Jun 2009
MIRABILIS 050: Alex Villanueva & Kaban 'My Lexicon'


1. Original mix
2. Dark Soul Project remix
3. Vinayak A remix
4. Cristian R remix

GET IT ON BEATPORT: http://www.beatport.com/release/my-lexicon/1202860

PREVIEW ON SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/mirabilisrecords/sets/mirabilis-050-alex-villanueva

We have now reached the goal of fifty releases!Joining us on this special occasion are five new artists on our rooster: Alex Villanueva, Kaban, Dark Soul Project, Vinayak A and Cristian R!
Alex Villanueva teams up with Kaban and together they deliver 'My Lexicon'! Crystal clear beats backed with a pounding low end bass line mixed with hypnotic melodies and dramatic soundscapes and deep tinged chord lines all topped with twisted vocal samples and spaced out effects - this is what it is all about on the original mix.
The Dark Soul Project takes things to the heavier side with rumbling percussion takes, restless groove and a massive driving bass line but still keeping some of the elements of the original rolling in the background. A proper peak time monster.
One of India's finest, Vinayak A joins us with a classy melodic remix full of tension and lush melodies that keep building the magical atmosphere through the track and all is driven by a potent bass line that keeps the groove going on and on.
Cristian R delivers the last remix of the pack. Crisp beats, hypnotic and futuristic synth sounds backed with warm pads and dreamy little arp lines play nicely in the mix to deliver this clever rework to close the pack!We hope you enjoy it and would like to thank you again for the support over the releases! Now let's look up to reaching the hundred mark!


NICK WARREN: Full support , wicked release!

CID INC: Great pack, all over this one

JOHN OO FLEMING: Stunning single!

MISS NINE: Cool pack

MAX GRAHAM: Good stuff.

KASSEY VOORN: Great Vinayak a and DSP mixes

THE SCUMFROG: Cristian R Remix is for me!

ANDERSON NOISE: Downloading thanks

ABOVE & BEYOND: Downloading for Above & Beyond.

SONIC UNION: I've been playing the Dark Soul Project remix for months! phat groove! The whole pack is very good!

FLASH BROTHERS: Vinayak A Remix is cool

MITCH ALEXANDER: Massive release! congrats on #50! all the mixes sound nice esp DSP and Vinayak A!

PROGRESSIVE HOUSE WORLDWIDE: Fantastic package, deep and driving, definitely playing from this one!

LONYA: Cool original and very good remix selection

PENA: DSP for me. thx

KEITH MCDONNELL: Best yet! massive mixes & superb original!!

MARC POLLEN: Massive release! I love the original work. Also will play Dark Soul Project Remix in my sets.

BEN CODA: All these are sounding great!

MARCELO VASAMI: Very good stuff!Thanks!

LUIS BONDIO: Nice pack, thanks

SOULWERK: Dark soul proyect is banger! Thanks

SILINDER: Great release, thanks!

DANIEL MEHES: DSP remix is ace!

PRAVEEN ACHARY: Heavy release! Big original, tough remix by DSP and solid journey's by Vinayak^A & Christian R!

JORGIO KIORIS: Great EP once again.

VERVE: One of the best packs i've heard on mirabilis! quality all round but the original stands out for me.


VID MARJANOVIC: Amazing EP, Vinayak A Remix for me, thanks!

PLASTICLOUNGE: Fine synths,mega bassline.playing this

NEIL BROWNE: Great release guys, will play, Thanks!

HERC KASS: Dark Soul Project works well for me in my peak sets

DAVID F: Dark Soul Project remix in the bag!DJ

ROOG: ThanksEMMA: Thank's for sending.I love original!

GSEP: Really nice pack this.


MONSTERS OF DENSITY: Impossible choice one track, all mixes are really nice! will support.

BEAT MANIACS: Will play it, thanks

WILL MCGLONE: All mixes sound good but the Vinayak remix is the one that standouts for me with its cool bending bass-line.

BEN HYSA: Top Release...Loving every version. Full Support!!!

UVO: Very awsome

VINAYAK A: Happy to be a part of this ep...

MANCHINI: Dark Soul Project remix, big! Also loving Vinayak A remix - so smooth!

HERNAN SERANO: Great remixes!!!

ANDY NEWLAND: Cool original and enhancedby dsp remix, big fan

MARK J: OMG!! in a place where i can't listen, so no real feedback today, but every name on this pack means quality to me!!will let you know as always alex!


D-PHRAG: The whole EP is great, Vinayak A is the winner here! Thanks for sending!!!

KRISTINA LALIC: Vinayak A remix for me!MAKROSTORUNG: Original is awesome!

JOSEPH ASHTON:Great progressive tracks as always. Original will be featured on show for sure.

NIK FERAL: Awesome release, the original is the one for me

YURIY FROM RUSSIA: Can't choose my fav here! Amazing release!

TONY BOVE (T-LECTUAL): Dark Soul's mix is a banger!

NIKKI BELUCCI: Nice releaseAMAN: Really digging the progression in the original! Vinayak^a and Cristian R Remixes are awesome! Thank you!

JOSH ABRAMS: Congrats on 50! Amazing release all around! DSP mix is an absolute belter!

NEIL MOORE: Downloading, thanks

MATT BLACK: Congratulations on reaching you 50th release, another strong package which will no doubt win you many more admirers, keep up the good work!

HANS TAVERA: All are great!

TIM BENJAMIN: Great original, fantastic remixes, support !

HARDER FASTER: I like the Dark Soul Project mix. Lovely stuff.

ALEX NEMEC: Big original and 3 special remixes for me! Thanx for being part of this guys, Mirabilis made it to 50!

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