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    Amsterdam Dance Event Sampler compiled & mixed by Hyline

    ‎Jetlag Digital has outdone themselves again! For those of you that remember the excellent Ibiza Sampler which was released back in July we get another similar package to that here. Supported by: Solarstone, Armin van Buuren, Jaytech, Ad Brown, Eelke Kleijn, Markus Schulz, Andy Moor, Miss...
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    Aaron Static feat. Dylbert - Ascension EP - Jetlag Digital

    The 140th release on Jetlag Digital cames from a man that should need no introduction to all the Jetlag fans out there. This marks Aaron Static's fourth appearance on the label and 'Acension' is his first single for them...
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    Out Now! Shane - Departure Artist Album

    Shane - Departure - JED137 // Artist Album VIDEO: Release Info: After more than 17 years of deeyaing, touring and producing presents Shane his first Album called...
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    Faskil - Core Dumped EP incl. Stefan Anion & Relaunch Remixes

    Faskil - Core Dumped EP incl. Stefan Anion & Relaunch Remixes - JED125 He may live in Paris, but don’t call him French. Journalist by day, DJ/producer by night, Faskil (Jean-Christophe Detrain) hails from...
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    Jetlag Digital Ibiza Sampler 2010 comipled and mixed by Hyline

    Various Artists - Ibiza Sampler 2010 (Jetlag Digital) featuring: Lemon8, Shane, Hyline & Jaybeetrax, Oliver Moldan, Peter Martin A massive project for the Jetlag Digital crew sees it's release this week. A...
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    [JED114] Hypnotic Duo - Overcast EP

    Hypnotic Duo - Eeeah [Jetlag Digital] Number 44 into the beatport progressive-house sales charts und ebenso in den 10 must hear progressive house tracks week 22
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    [JED113] Loquai - En Armonia EP incl. Ozgur Ozkan Rmx

    Loquai - En Armonia EP (Jetlag Digital) featuring a remix from: Ozgur Ozkan One of Russia's finest Konstantin Alt otherwise know as LoQuai returns to Jetlag Digital this week for his En Armonia EP...
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    [JED112] Kostya Veter - Loneliness EP

    Kostya Veter - Loneliness EP (Jetlag Digital) featuring a remixes from: Aaron Static & Relaunch The 112th release on Germany's finest Jetlag Digital comes from a young and relatively new producer on the...
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    [JED111] Oliver Moldan - Nocturn EP incl. Hyline & Jaybeetrax Rmx

    Oliver Moldan - Nocturn EP (Jetlag Digital) featuring a remix from: Hyline & Jaybeetrax A huge release from Jetlag Digital this week comes from Oliver Moldan. Support from: Hernan Cattaneo, Dibby Dougherty...
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    Hyline & Jaybeetrax - Sexbomb [Workout009 (Baroque Records)]

    HYLINE & JAYBEETRAX 'SEXBOMB' (workout009) Baroque Records Hyline and Jaybeetrax take time away from their home at Jetlag Digital, to give workout this cheeky little number... the slammin funk fueled house gem Original mix is complimented by a deep techy take on the track from Espen...
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    [JED109] Raf Fender - Music 4 Ever EP incl. Joy Marquez Rmx

    Raf Fender- Music 4 Ever EP (Jetlag Digital) featuring a remix from: Joy Marquez new Jetlag Digital! Release 109 from Jetlag Digital sees Raf Fender return to the label with his 'Music 4 Ever EP'. Video...
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    [JED108] Relaunch - Eliptique EP

    Relaunch - Eliptique EP (Jetlag Digital) featuring: Eliptique, Sunset Beach, Clear View Inspired by the legendary Dorian-Gray parties at the Frankfurt Airport DJ Relaunch started to get interested in all kinds...
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    [JED107] Sonifunk & NSL - Lifted Higher incl. Jerome Robins Rmx

    Lifted Higher is a co-op between Ukraine born, but Israel based Andy Jakovlev (Sonifunk) and danish Lars Knudsen (No Sonic Limits). Also BEATPORT featured Progressive House Release week14...
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    [JED106] Shane - Continental Fusion EP

    Release #106 on Jetlag Digital comes from none other than label boss himself Shane! This is Shane's 12th appearance on his own imprint, the last one came with his great remix of Ozgur Ozkan's 'Wait and Wonder' on Jetlag 98. Listen here Beatport Exclusive...
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    Lacandon - Moma Robinja EP Part2 The first of 2 great Jetlag releases over the last week. Part 2 of Lacondon's Moma Robinja EP sees a great set of mixes from Kliment, Rezo & Emannuel and CJ Art. Kliment's mix is a dark and intricate...
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    Oliver Morgenroth - Dreamrunner incl. Dyno Remix

    The 104th release on Jetlag Digital comes from one of the labels primary artists: Oliver Morgenroth. Including Oliver's Dreamrunner EP he has appeared on Jetlag 14 total times and the relationship is only growing stringer with another fine release here. Out Now at Beatport exclusive...
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    [JED102] Nir Mizrahi - Saved Your Ass EP

    Nir Mizrahi - Saved Your Ass EP featuring remixes by: Stefan Anion & Aaron Static early major support by: Markus Schulz (Global DJ Broadcast, Coldharbour Recordings, Armada) Derek Howell (MasterLux Co., Proton, microCastle, Outside The Box, GU, Hope, Bedrock MasterLux on Proton Radio)...
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    [JED099] Philo - Der Letzte Herbst EP

    Philo - Der Letzte Herbst EP - JED099 d-phrag says: good production, reminds me somehow of the early James Holden... Luke Porter: Smooth ride, into it Listen Here: 1. Deja Vu 2. Der Letzte Herbst 3. Ishn 4. New Era 5. s'liedsche homepage: Youtube Channel...
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    [JED098] Ozgur Ozkan - Wait and Wonder EP

    Ozgur Ozkan - Wait And Wonder EP #7 @ (Nir Mizrahi Remix) - Miss Nine: nice package - Cid Inc.: Excellent! Will play (Shane remix) - Hawker (Beatport): wonderful! i like this because up a semitone and a few bpm and it could make a good peak time holder, or down a few bpm...
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    [JED097] Max Gueli - Fire In The Box EP

    Max Gueli - Fire in the Box EP - Jetlag Digital 097 Great tracks. Kristian Van Haute aka X-IAN Sales, Promotion & Product Specialist Pioneer Pro DJ Belgium & Lux. Great set of releases as usual. Full support of all tracks in our progressive channel by the next update :) Johan Nilsson VP of...