Kiko Navarro & DJ Fudge "Ideal EP"


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6 Aug 2005
Peppermint Jam Records presents
Kiko Navarro & DJ Fudge "Ideal EP" PJMS0118


This is the first time that Kiko Navarro & DJ Fudge worked together on a project. The Ideal EP offers three hot tracks: Maximal, which is inspired by the sounds of Kerri Chandler and Hardfloor is getting massive floor reactions already. Fudge played it at the Back2Fundamentals party and the crowd went totally mad. Micra on the flipside mixes minimal sounds with a great deep house spirit to it, including groove, soul and with some "French Kiss" touch. Magnetic Rain is Kiko & Fudge's tribute to mother earth: if we don‘t care about it, there will be more acid and magnetic rain, which will destroy our environment. That's why the track has a dark mood with organic sounds of rain and other melodramatic elements...

DJ Reactions & Reviews

Michael Fossati (
With the "Ideal EP", Kiko Navarro and DJ Fudge present three deep house bombs, with "Maximal" being a relentless track combining acid elements with wicked synth hooks. "Micra" mixes minimal sounds with captivating synths to create a hypnotic feel. Lastly "Magnetic rain" is on a darker tip and features various organic sounds

Dean Serafini (
I bet there are plenty people excited about this collaboration even before hearing so much as the first few bars. As soon as this landed, it looked an intriguing proposition and it doesn’t disappoint. The EP gets underway with “Maximal” - you can expect driving beats and a funky synth bassline which are augmented by a powerful combination of synths that are sure to drive many a dance floor wild. “Micra” is a mood builder that goes deeper dubbier and techier as does “Magnetic Rain” with its oriental flavours. If you like either producer’s previous projects you’ll want to check this out.

Hector Romero
Thanks for this fantastic EP – Love it!! Best of luck with it

Baggi Begovic
It’s ideal bro thanks for sharing this one with me

Tedd Patterson
Very strong EP. Maximal is absolutely hot!

Richard Earnshaw
Maximal all the way!

John Jones (Hed Kandi)
Maximal is the one on this release...will be getting plenty of support from me

Nice Ep with this "Maximal" which is Oldschool Kerri's Touch !! Will play it

Danny Marquez

Andy Ward
****ing killer track !!! Maximal on my mix for traxsource next week !!

Dave Storm
"Maximal" is my pick here...well done, will play and support...on my Cabrio show (SSRAdioUK & Ibiza Global Radio) this week

Kiko & Fudge should collaborate more - this is a nice package. Micra is my fave. Really fresh, deep & techy - can't wait to rock this. The Chandler inspiration on Maximal goes without saying -- bears such a likeness to Atmoshperic Beats! Since that's an all time fave of mine, I'll rock this one too.

The Cube Guys
Wow, this promo works perfectly for our warmups

CJ Macintosh
Loving the Maximal Track....phat!

Henri Kohn
Very nice chap. will play.

Antonello Coghe (Vega Records)
Thank u for this. Will pass to louie

Nacho Marco
full support to this one ! Love it. Ace !

Franco De Mulero
Amazing release, full support.

Luca Cassani
I like very much the melody and the feeling, a little less the rhythmic parts. My favourite is Maximal.

Lena. AMDJS radioshow, radio Petersburg 69.47fm
This release rocks!!! "Maximal". Yeah! Typical Chadler's sound! I will use it in my soulful sets! This is my favorite track from EP. "Micra". Beautiful deep stuff! Will play it too! "Magnetic Rain". So strange... and so... dramatic...Our congratulations to Peppermint Jam, Kiko Navarro and DJ Fudge! This masive release isgetting full supprt from amdjs!

Flip Capella & Tim Anderson (NRJ Club Files Radio Show)
2 for the groove, the sound masters on one piece! What a nice collaboration! All 3 M's are for us and our cd wallets.

Danilo D'Andrea (Partygroove Italy)
Maximal is good for me....deep sound, circle groove with acid's touch!

Dean Facer
Fudge is a legend, I love his productions, and here together with Kiko Navarro it makes for a superb EP.... will support for sure

Marius Wiik
i liked the dark first track magnetic rain. i think its nice track in the beginning of a set. same with micra! Nice starters both of them.

Agent Greg
wow,amazing ep!!!!loved almost all 3 of the tracks included!!!!great work!!

Karol XVII & MB Valence
Very good ep. Micra and Magnetic Rain are our favs. Cool sounds and grooves. like it a lot especially sound of Micra

DJ Hot Hands
"Maximal" works for me. I really feel this track. Wil support it big time.

Wikkid ep

Robert Graf (
FANTAAAAAAAAAAASTIC ... Love the track Maximal - superb acid style - also Micra with Frenk Kiss influence ... top!

Mark Stone (UDM Show)
For me the Kiko Navarro & DJFudge Maximal Mix! Its in the Show and in my box! BIG One - Love it

Amin Golestan
Great tracks from Kiko and Fudge. Thanks a lot

Mike Stukes (Mystic Vybes)
A true classic of a gem....

Maximal is amazing – cant wait to play it – full support on radio and on gigs.

Russell Pollitt
All about Maximal for me… the others are cool, but this one wins it hands down. Nice vibe, nice chords – it’s simple, but it works! Will be supporting this.
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