1. 500 Floor

    +++Tech House+++ 500 Floor - Right Rhythm (NEO096)

    Künstler: 500 Floor Titel: Right Rhythm Label: Neologism Release Date: 29.10.19 Beatport Spotify iTunes Junodownload Amazon Deezer
  2. J

    Techno Track von Troy Polygon (mastered/ free .wav downlad)

    Hallo ihr Halunken! Es ist wieder passiert..:eek::eek::eek: Neuer Track von mir, erschienen auf dem Digital Diamonds Label. Hypnotischer progressiver Techno zum abstampfen. Beide Links mit Download. Viel Spass. Im zweiten Link gibts einen 1,5 Stunden Techno mix in dem die Nummer auch verbaut...
  3. D

    [Trance] Above & Beyond 2009

    2:17 in this video?
  4. D

    [Trance] Above & Beyond @ The Guvernment 2009

    Can anyone please tell me some of the songs played in this video that are not already postet as a commentar? Especially 6:19 sounds pretty amazing, I really would like to know th Name of this track!
  5. D

    [Trance] Above & Beyond live @ Tomorrowland 2009

    Hi everybody, can anybody please tell me the name of the track at 1:13???
  6. T

    [Other] Progressive House aus Taucher-Set

    Hallo Forumsgemeinde! klick Den Track direkt am Anfang suche ich schon länger und dachte, ich probier's einfach nochmal. :) Freue mich über eure Mithilfe! :) Gruß aus Kölle Ben
  7. ProgSoundRec

    [PSR Music]Estefano Haze - Hypnotized

    Title: Hypnotized Artist: Estefano Haze Genre: Progressive Trance/Psytrance Format: Digital Cat.No.: 10022151 Label: PSR MUSIC Release Date: 11.11.2010 Tracklist: 1. EstefanO Haze - Essential Sounds 2. EstefanO Haze Vs. Solar Plexus - Commitment 3. EstefanO Haze - Hypnotized NOW ON...
  8. G

    Hyline Music

    Hallo Ihr Lieben, ab dem 11.01.2011 geht Hyline Music an den Start. Hyline Music hat sich zur Aufgabe gemacht mit einer Mischung aus etablierten Künstlern und sehr talentierten Newcomern auf hohem musikalischem Niveau zu arbeiten. Mitglieder: Lemon8, Kuffdam, Gai Barone, Eitan Carmi, Oliver...
  9. ProgSoundRec

    [PSR Music]Elastique Soul - Sunday Chill(EP)[10021784]

    Title: Sunday Chill Artist: Elastique Soul Genre: Progressive Trance/Psytrance Format: Digital Cat.No.: 10021784 Label: PSR MUSIC Release Date: 05.11.2010 Tracklist: 1. Elastique Soul - Sunday Chill 2. Elastique Soul - Vocoder Voices 3. Elastique Soul - Nice Cool Skin NOW ON...
  10. ProgSoundRec

    [PSR Music]Mahruna - look in the window (EP) [10017306]

    Title: Look in the Window Artist: Mahruna Genre: Progressive Trance/Psytrance Format: Digital Cat.No.: 10017306 Label: PSR MUSIC Release Date: 12.06.2010 Tracklist: 1. Mahruna - Earth Blues 2. Mahruna - Look in the Window NOW ON BEATPORT,JUNO,DJSHOP...
  11. ProgSoundRec

    [PSR MUSIC] V/A Transmodulation DIGITAL [10013926]

    OUT NOW ! Title: Transmodulation Artist: Various Genre: Progressive Trance Format: Digital Cat.No.: 10013926 Label: PSR MUSIC Compiled by: PSR MUSIC Release Date: 11.05.2010 Tracklist: 1. NAD - Magic Carpet 2. Wide Soul - Welcome Home 3. Akumo Project - Purple Sunflower 4. Connexx...
  12. G

    Noyd - Scuba EP incl. Retroid Remix

    Jetlag Digital steamrolls forward with release # 105 coming out this week! Noyd hails from the Republic of Kosova and has appeared in the past on heavyweight progressive labels like frisky, Jetlag and Liquid Grooves. Beatport Exclusive...
  13. A

    Flow Box - Older & Unreleased Tracks for free Download!

    Older & Unreleased Tracks for free Download! 2005-2009 (Progressive-Trance) in mp3: Flow Box - Confused Universal Pop - Waiting 4 U (Flow Box Remix)...
  14. G

    [JED068] Oliver Morgenroth - 40 Waves Remixes

    OUT NOW EXCLUSIVE ON BEATPORT!!!! FEATURED RELEASE in PROGRESSIVE HOUSE!! Oliver Morgenroth - 40 Waves Remixes (incl. Fady Ferraye, Kintar, Raf Fender , Noyd rmx) [JED068] What happens when Fady Ferraye, Kintar, Noyd, Raf Fender & Jetlag Digital Artist Oliver Morgenroth comes together? 40...
  15. G

    [JED065]The Stain - Deep Beneath EP

    The Stain - Deep Beneath EP Preview Listening: 1. Battle Of The Quarks 2. Clouds Above The Highlands 3. Sparkless Supported by: Hernan Cattaneo, Miss Nine, Suzy Solar, Michael & Levan and many more The busy Jetlag Digital label hits us with their latest EP, coming from the interestingly...
  16. G

    [JED063] DJ Thee-O - Roots EP

    DJ Thee-O Open Ears = Open Minds “It’s hard to believe that one DJ can exude such confidence and mastery over so many styles of music.” – URB Magazine Welcome to Mr. Thee-O from L.A. to his first EP on Jetlag Digital, we´re very proud and happy to present his Roots EP. Roots is a...
  17. G

    [JED062] Enrique Echd - Politics EP

    We know Enrique Echd from his first steps into producing music and since these days we know that he is a upcoming high talented rough diamond. It´s a pleasure to present his next step here on Jetlag Digital called "Politics EP" within 4 remixes from Enrique´s friends: Aber, Neftali Blasko...
  18. G

    [JED061] Diego Mongelos - Groove Abduction EP

    Diego Mongelos - Groove Abduction EP (incl. Seba Rebolero & Lai Remix) With this EP coming we get into the next round for Jetlag Digital. It takes us all the way to South America or better to Argentina, where we're going to meet up with Diego Mongelos and Seba Rebolero & Lai (doing the remix)...
  19. G

    [File] [Out Now] Fady Ferraye - Night Time Stories EP JED037

    Fady Ferraye - Night Times Stories EP (Incl. Nick Hogendoorn, Oliver Morgenroth, DJ Taucher Remixes) [JED037] (Jan 23rd, 2009) Styles » Progressive / Progressive » Reviewed: 4/5 [View] » User Rating: 4.19 / 5 » Promo Avg: 4.05 / 5 » Top Rank: Reached #7 on Jan 22nd, 2009 Jetlag Digital is...
  20. G

    [File] New Releases on JETLAG DIGITAL incl. Soundsnippets

    JED034 Federico Monachesi - Dark Dreams EP (Including Vogelmann Remix) (Jan 16th, 2009) 1. Dark Dreams (Original Mix) 2. Dark Dreams (Vogelmann Remix) 3. Nothing (Original Mix) JED035 Valandi Pangea - Organized Noize EP (Jan 15th, 2009) 1. Organized Noize (The Midnight Wanderers Remix)...