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Fady Ferraye - Night Times Stories EP (Incl. Nick Hogendoorn,
Oliver Morgenroth, DJ Taucher Remixes) [JED037] (Jan 23rd, 2009)

Styles » Progressive / Progressive
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Jetlag Digital is back at it again, this time with Fady Ferraye at the helm to
bring us the ”Night Times Stories EP” with remixes from Nick Hogendoorn,
Oliver Morgenroth, and DJ Taucher.

Night Times Stories (Original Mix) mainly features a sort of droning loop sample along
with ominous and growling pad sweeps before bringing in a tidy little synth stab section.
The drone loop, extra atmospherics, sound fx, random voices, and other noises are key elements, not only
illuminating the concept, but more importantly creating an ambivalent
tension in the song, taking us somewhere in between a noisy nightmare
world and the soft, soothing world offered by the synth section. It's
engaging and thought provoking.

The Nick Hogendoorn Remix maintains a darker mood while
dropping in a plucky little melody. This version is quite stripped down and
seems to focus primarily on the tension between the dark low pads and
the bright plucking synth.

Oliver Morgenroth’s mix brings home the progressive bacon with
its pulsing synthlines set against the droning and noisy atmospherics
found in the original. The peak on this one keeps things moody while
incorporating ghostly pads, white noise sweeps, and discombobulated
voices - a probable favorite out of the four mixes offered.

DJ Taucher brings it in with a blood-curdling beatless intro for an
intriguing start. This version is full bodied with big warm pads, some
tom-tom fills, and quite sharp hi-hats with a bit of swing on them. The
lead is a light plucky melody that, at times, seems a little lost in the huge
dark pads – a notion befitting the original concept, to be sure.

Tom Solo [19-Jan-2009]
Reactions from MyPromoPool.com:

"It's a monstruous track. The sample of the melody is impressive & troubling ! Well done" - 5.0 / 5
DJ Ichtus (France)

"Good driving groove and tasteful use of a progressive melody. The stripped-down Hogendoorn mix is my fav with it's techy elements." - 4.0 / 5
Spesh (Jondi & Spesh) (USA)
(Loöq Records, Loöq Radio, Qoöl, Jondi & Spesh)

"Oliver Morgenroth is a proper talent!" - 3.5 / 5
Inkfish (Sweden/Norway)
(Tolerant, Sumplus, Digital Ink, Inkfish Recordings)

"this is lovely nicks is ace and tauchers has great strings. " - 4.0 / 5
Chloe Harris (USA)
(further, b-sides, proton radio, litheum, machine agency, djdownload)

"Cool concept, engaging and thought provoking. Morgenroth’s mix works best for me, although Taucher's is a close second. " - 4.0 / 5
Tom Solo (Invisible DJs) (USA)
(InvisibleDJs.com ProgressiveHouse.com, DJMix.net)

"I feel the origial and the Oliver Morgenroth Remix,thx" - 4.0 / 5
Chris Drifter (Hungary)
(SoundTribe Rekords, Plastic Fantastic, Existence, Pure.Fm, Danceradio.Gr)

"Nice variety of remixes. Definitely something for everyone here. " - 4.0 / 5
Aaron Lee (USA)
(Giant Squid Recordings/Ultramusique/Nightshade Records/Twenty40 Nightlife)

"This release is destine to go far, massive production work. Dj Taucher & Oliver Morgenroth deliver bombs." - 4.0 / 5
Dirty [M] (USA)
(Solvent Entertainment, www.thebeat713.com)

"nice pack, im a taucher fan from ages.." - 4.0 / 5
Victor Hugo (Brazil)
(Tolerant Recordings, Inkfish Recordings, TrizBrasil Management)

"Morgenroth remix for me. Big surprise. Nicely done. " - 3.5 / 5
DJ Marcus (USA)
(DI.FM, XTC Radio London; frisky Radio; Progressions with DJ Marcus)

"Nice Package. Love the Morgenroth and Taucher rmx" - 3.5 / 5
Xaric (France)
(Sense FM / Pure Fm / Jenny Fm / Stripped Rec / Atlant Digital)

"Really like the original mix.. Good stuff from Fady again." - 4.0 / 5
Cid Inc (Mashtronic) (Finland)
(Global Underground, Bedrock, Mashtronic, Dyami, Tolerant, Epsilon Trax)

"The (Oliver Morgenroth remix) has a nice deep dark feel here w/a touch of synth in and out..true progressive house sound. Love this track and will support!!" - 4.5 / 5
Djclubbersdream (USA)
(Atlanta After Hours Shows...South Florida mix radio shows...Indianapolis DJ ....3 saint louis stati)

"Great release here. All the tracks are solid but the Nick Hogendoorn remix is definitely the one for me. Massive fan of his sound. Great stuff!" - 4.0 / 5
Tim Culbert (Australia)
(Thug Records, Beat Code, Proton Radio, Colour, Sweetchilli)

"I really liked the feeling of Oliver Morgenroth remix" - 3.0 / 5
George Vemag (Italy)
(www.bonzaimusic.com www.ah.fm)

"this is a good release, i like the acid like Oliver Morgenroth remix best...excellent" - 4.0 / 5
Peter McGill (N. Ireland)
(Freaks Culture Records, Monu Digital, Twister Tunes)

"Fady does his magic again, and delivers this massive track which I believe will set the dance floor on fire." - 4.5 / 5
KyneticS (Manuel) (Italy)
(DanceRadio.gr - Rosa Dei Venti Club - Monumento - Paips Café - Il Clan)

"What an excellent prog ep, its a 10 out of 10. Jetlag truly releases the cream of the crop. Fady does it again with another monster chuggin tune. All the remixes are just as good as the original. Great selection of producers for this track. A HUGE ep. Will definitely play out again and again." - 5.0 / 5
Jehr (USA)

"lovely ep, all mixes are great in their own little way!" - 4.0 / 5
Sasha Le Monnier (UK)
(Source Of Gravity/Ascension Records/Nightshade Music /Balkan Connection/Pangea Recordings/Bellarine)

"Original works best for me. Solid package here, best I have heard yet from Jetlag" - 4.5 / 5
Kev Obrien (USA)
(Stranjj Recordings | ProgressiveHouse.com | Proton Radio )

"Nice remix, some cool sounds in there" - 3.5 / 5
Andy Newland (UK)
(bedrock, ministry of sound, twisted audio, renaissance, baroque, bellarine)

"nice hypnotic techy beat on the original mix and varied styles on the remix side. this is a real quality release." - 4.5 / 5
Jim_Star (Canada)

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