Kontrol s5 Maschine mk3 and Korg minilogue setup?



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23 Aug 2018
Hey guys,

I'm new at this forum and I hope I'm right here.

First my Hardware:

-Laptop (win 10) with Traktor Pro 2 and Maschine
-Kontrol s5
-Maschine mk3
-Korg minilogue (synthesizer)

My Problem is that I want to connect them all together to one Laptop. I have a litte scatch made which I uploaded.

Traktor Pro is running on the Laptop, also Maschine. I've found an articel on DJTT where you can sync it all up on one pc.
But how can I sync or which one is the best option to connect the minilogue to this setup. I want to use this on a live setup (it has also an sequencer) which I want to sync with Traktor. Maschine and the minilogue have both MIDI in/out.

I have no idea how to set the hardware and the software up. I'm a newbie. What to adjust in the preferences on Traktor Pro and Maschine.
Or maybe it is easier to use an external audio interface.

Thank you so far. Hope my writing was not too confusing.


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You need a midi clock to sync the minilogue with your computer.

I connected a novation Circuit with Traktor. To sync them together, Traktor sends a midi clock signal which the Circuit receives via USB.

What`s the master in your setup?
Thank you for the fast answer.

Master would be the S5 and slave the maschine. Sync signal comes from Traktor. But does the usb from the Korg understand the midi clock?

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