[MP3/VINYL] DSF - Cover Letters (incl. Anto Vitale Mixes)



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6 Aug 2005




Athens-based producer DSF makes his debut on ProgCity Deep with the beautiful melodic, organdriven House anthem "Cover Letters". Being connnected to the most famous Greece promotion team, MFU (managed by DJ Dino), DSF is not unknown to the scene. Recently he did a remix for Susu Bobien on Soundmen on Wax.

While the Original Mix has an Afro-rhythmic touch with some dope synths here and there and chanting choirs which support the organ melody, the Reprise Mix has some moody beats with a sure power to make you move. DSF is definitely someone to keep an eye on in future.

The flipside has a remix by the man of the moment, Anto Vitale. Following the success of his latest cut "Theorema del Faya" (heralded as one of the hits of the WMC 2007) he totally changes the rhythmic structure of "Cover Letters" by taking the track into a deep tech territory, where he combines the original organ with synth solos, making the track an irresistible stomper.

Rest assured that all versions have super-intense climax when it comes to the end...


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Michael Fossati (SpiritOfHouse.com)
A former Spirit of House exclusive has finally found its home at ProgCity Deep and gets a release complete with slammin' remixes by Anto Vitale. "Cover letters" by Greece based producer DSF is built around an irressistible beat that is enriched with sweet percussion, lovely strings and wicked spaced out keys, with an outstanding organ droppin' in after around two minutes that will drive you crazy. The 'Reprise Mix' gives the track a moodier edge with a slight deeper feeling. Anto Vitale takes the track to an even deeper level, giving it a techy outfit. His 'Key-A-Pella' is a beat-less take letting the synths and organs do the talk.

CakesFactory (DeeperSoul Blog)
Athens-based producer DSF makes his debut on ProgCity Deep with “Cover Letters”, an organ driven track with Afro rhythm and some atmospheric synths.?Anto Vitale takes the track into a deep tech territory. If you are expecting some boring stuff as most of the recently techy music, you will be very surprised with this one. The talented Italian producer did a fantastic combination of the original organ with his very characteristic synths, resulting in a fresh track, certainly to be on rotation by the hands of the most eclectic djs. Keep your eyes on this very talented producer, he has some innovative music ready to be dropped on labels like Asante, Camio and Tea Party Music.

Dean Serafini (Jjazzproject.com)
DSF deliver a subtle and refreshing cut here with four versions included. The “Original” has old school synths and stunning use of hammond style organs. The “Reprise Mix” combines both live and analog bass with a nod in the direction of Chicago back in the day. Analog bass underpins “Anto Vitale’s Shabu Remix” with an eclectic blend of synths the order of the day to compliment the hammond again. Very cleverly constructed, this one really got my attention right from the off.

Franck Roger (Realtone)
Nice remix from anto vitale.. will play it for sure!

Abicah Soul Project
I like the anto vitale mix. the groovy deep bass line, which shakes the floor! a hot pick for me. anto killed this one for sure, respect.

Casamena (BEMBE / Ocha Records)
A lovely release from Progcity Deep, the original mix is just dandy with organs that will move any dancefloor, but the Anto Vitale take on it is down right tasty! This moves immediatey to my top 10 for September/October 2007.

Ralf Gum (GOGO Music)
Good production by DSF. Groovy beats and reminable organ hooks meet groovy beat and percussions. My fav is DSF reprise mix – very useful tool. Well done.

Ian Friday (Tea Party Music)
The mixes cover many different moods for peaktime partying. Anto Vitale puts the heaters on full blast for this global soul scorcher.

Boddhi Satva (Yoruba Records)
i think it is a good project. but i fancy more the Anto Vitale Remix

Olivier Velay (Stalwart)
Love the Original, very spiritual and emotionnal House Music. Anto Vitale takes it to deeper, more Shelter style. All over a very good release for Prog City Deep, quality all over !

Nicolas Matar (Cielo NYC)
I really love Cover Letters...I dropped it last weekend at Cielo and the crowd was very receptive!

DJ Pope (Poji Records)
Cover letters has the soul that will left any floor spirits to another level

Nico Moss (CyberJamz)
Both original and Anto’s remix is excellent. I really like Anto’s rmx adds dancefloor feeling.

DJ Offbeat (Future History of House)
Thanks for the new track, DOPE!!!! This is a wicked tune with a great build. Then, like any good lover, gives it to you all over again! The Anto Vitale mix is a great alternate version if I ever get tired of the original and the key-a-pella is a hell of an opener. Top notch all around!!

Myles (Naked Soul London)
The best track I have ever heard on ProgCity - charting the original mix @ #1, this will be getting MAJOR support everywhere I go. I love this! 10/10!!

Greg Kozo (Place Blanche)
I like the original one, will play it in the store. Good simple instrumental, nice hits, and a solid groove. The Anto Vitale Shabu mix is maybe more catchy because of the kinda violin pizzicato, beautiful too ! !

Mark Stone (UDM Show)
This is HOTTT – Wicked production – will play that!

Craig Bartlett (L’America / M8 Magazine)
I’m sure to review it for m8 next month!

Doruk Ozlen (Tribal Winds)
I’ve been playing Anto’s mix for a while, but now I love the original…

DJ B (Soulfuric Trax / Zouk)
It is very nice track! I love the original mix. Def support it!

Art-D-Fact: Online Magazine
Great rhythmical dancefloor smash! In our playlist!

Nef Nunez
Definitely like the reprise mix!!

Craig Woodrow (Hype Chart)
this is so good, in my hype and playlist for sure!!!!

Ciappy DJ (Tony Records / ProgCity Deep)
Really magic sinths and hammond vibes on this original latin house rithm.....really nice original mix!
The "Anto Vitale Shabu Music Mix" give a very gorgeous touch of class to this project!....this is in my top ten and play list, but the "anto vitale key-a-pella" open my all live sets! Loves and compliments to ProgCity Crew!

Agent Greg (Freeze Magazine / Radio 1 Greece)
This i what i call a piece of a art!!!excellent track, in the always loveable je ka jo style!!!Definitely supporting that!!

Dave Storm (Ceremony Records)
Great! Like the original a lot! My support...

Leon El Ray
DSF in da House with a very funky mystical sound.Very Spiritual Vibe!For sure the reprise mix will be at ma cases this winter for my sets. Thanks.

Bogdan Taran (Dancebox)
I like the tune very much – very up to date, this style people are going crazy on dancefloors about.
Original Mix is for me, as well as Reprise version is good for radio

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