R.I.P. - the Cybernetic Broadcasting System



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7 Aug 2006
Hallo zusammen!

am Montag hat einer der viefältigsten Internetradiosender für elektronische Music, das Cybernetic Broadcasting System, den Betrieb eingestellt.
Das CBS gab DJs und Producern die Chance Tracks von experimentell über Italo bis zu Electro und Techno hochzuladen und so einem internationalen Publikum zu präsentieren.
aber lest selbst:

hier der Originaltext von I-F

Today is a difficult day. Probably one of the hardest since a long time because it's the day The CBS will seize to excist.
at exactly 2000 CET i will shut down all systems.
It feels like putting your beloved pet to sleep to stop the suffering.
Because the CBS is suffering for a too long time from a lack of listeners. The amount of people tuned in every day is a joke considering the amount of time, energy and passion put into it the last 5 years by several people.
It's definitely not the lack of love, respect and enthousiasm from the people out here, there are simply not enough people listening and no growth.
Also this desicion hasn't been made overnight, I've been busy with this for the last few months.
I rather put the System to sleep now than letting it fade away into oblivion, neglected and forgotton.
There is no honor in that.

Now we can go and blame the world as it is for that but I think that is living in denial.
It's time to bite the bullet and realize The CBS concept is simply not working as we hoped it would.
I refuse to believe there is not more people out there who are potential listeners for our musix but we are
simply not reaching them and I believe the CBS concept is too shady and unclear, even too intense at times to draw more audience.
We tried, for instance, by providing extra web services but to be completely honest I couldn't care less about all that.
All I want is to stream radio 24/7 and people to listen to it but in the current concept it is simply not working.
The CBS is what it is and there is no point in changing it or reverse certain processes.
The only way to progress is to end it right here and right now and start something new from scratch.

Though I realize starting something new will never become what CBS was. We went through all of it with CBS, laugh's, cries, love and hate.
We even lost a Robot in action.
For me this means the end of an era. Our prototype has crashed but we learned a lot from it's test flights the last 5 years.
The coming period we will analyse the data collected over and over again and not launch another spaceship before we have found out the flaws in our design.

Via this way I would like to thank everybody for believing in the CBS and supporting it until the end, even funding it with generous donations.
RobotDJ.net will stay up though and undergo a few important mods for the subscribers there soon.
The site works very well and we past 300.000 dl's a while ago.

If you are interested in news regarding our future radio projects please send a mail to news@cbs.nu. The CBS.nu domain remains ours for forever although we will not use it anymore for anything other than historical purposes.
This topic will also remain open until we have found a new joint and will be used for future announcements.
Rest of the forum has been closed down.
For the time being Hotmix.nl will become our main info site and we will house the former CBS blogs there to stay in touch with the rest of the world and keep on adding stuff regarding it's history, CBS included.

I will not reply to emails this week, I'm going undercover for a while since it's difficult for me too and the CBS was like a heroin addiction to me.
It's going to be awfully silent at the Complexx.

Nevertheless I shall return. Until that time I wish you all the best.


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