[Vinyl 12" / mp3] Deepgroove - Kaleidoscopes (VVWI029)



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13 Jul 2010

Deepgroove! Say no more. Ace. Honoured to have them aboard. VVWI have been fans a long time and Lee and Grayson are, as usual, chaps of distinction whose qualities precede them wheresoever they may tread. Their tread is firm and purposeful like the mighty tiger, as is this stonking groover. When announcing Deepgroove would be releasing with us, the office erupted into a small mexican wave and at least one person shouted "About bloody time!". They were swiftly dismissed for insubordination. Rolling Techno that goes all weird... it couldn't be more VVWI if it tried. Which we feel it did.

Our evil leader Tim Sheridan turns in what he does best. Live drumming loops and keyboards with persuasive grooves, somehow always managing to find melody in the mess and going well overboard on the orchestration for a head spinning sonic attempt at a kaleidoscope of the ears. His dub doesn't **** about. All the drive of his other version but with all the frills removed for added dance bother.

New to VVWI are our latest young turks. Discovered at club institution Back to Basics, "The Gentlemen's Club" are an offshoot of the production duo of Craig West and Mundros formally known as Hotsand. We expect to hear a lot more of Gentlemen's Club and our office Ouija board predicts a tall dark future will enter their lives. They turn in the deepest creature in this fluid... and as we've always said... no fish swims too deep in our aquarium.

Man the bell jar, put your backs into the air pumps and check the valves on your brass diving helmet... We're going in...

Officially voted by the office as our best release yet... for your kind consideration.

Many thanks for your continued support,

The VVWI Team.

You can preview these tracks on the Veryverywrongindeed website.

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DJ Feedback:
"Excellent mix from Tim" - Nick Warren
"I love Deepgroove! This is an awesome package from them, and I love the Sheridan Dub. 10/10 all round " - Max Cooper
"Cool EP guys, Original is ace!" - Tom Novy
"Tim Sheridan's Kaleidosonic Mix! Cool atmospheric tune!" - Hans Temmerman (The Mystic Force / Rotationz)
"OG for me. Love Deepgroove!" - Rocky (X-Press 2)
"Very slick release, original is great and loving all the remixes. 9/10" - Mitch Davis (Electric Sheep)
"Really well produced main room techno, perfect for me. Thanks!" - Matt Walsh
"Sounds awesome. Will be supporting!" - Danny Howells
"Sounds exciting. Thanks very mucho" - Timo Garcia
"Love the original and Tim's main mix. Good stuff. Solid and will defo do the damage!" - Murray Richardson
"Liking this - thanx" - Orde Meikle (Slam)
"I'm feeling this package, the Gentlemens Club remix is spot on for me, as are both the Tim Sheridan mixes. 9/10" - Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded / Wrong)
"I am Deepgroove (and Idiotproof)'s number 1 media fan: full skrufff support (naturally) on the way; a marriage made in the firmament;-))))" - Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com / BLN.FM)
"Awesome.... Love the original and Gentlemen's Club remix...." - Louis Osbourne (Mija Recordings)
"Best (and housiest) thing I've heard from Deepgroove in a while" - Russell Deeks (iDJ)
"Powerful one!" - Benoît Carretier (Tsugi)
"Really digging the Original mix of this track. It's deep, groovy and keeps a nice level of funk flowing throughout, the break is nice and brain-melting in the process! This is one for the mid-set builup, will definitely support at gigs and on the radio show... thanks 8/10" - Dave Fields (PowerFM)
"Nicccce" - Dan Rodgers (Mad Planet)
"This is just remarkable... Tim Sheridan's Kaleidosonic Dub OMG!!" - Colin John (Techno Therapy / PointBlank.FM)
"Like the Tim Sheridan Mixes here. Will play this." - Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister / Gigolo)
"Interesting original. Mind you, Tim Sheridan mix for me." - Adam Symbiosis (HarderFaster.net)
"It’s what you might expect from a track from a duo with such an enviable track record as theirs and a label with such a knack for daft funk as VVWI." - Kristian Dando (IDJ)
"On the original mix, excellently produced and sounding really fresh. Great movement in the track. " - Pete Jordan (IDJ)
"Like Sheridan's mix the best" - Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)
"Going straight in the CD wallet. This provides a nice little bridge between house and techno with finesse." - Pete Carvell (IDJ)
"What a package. The Orig and Tim's Dub will be supported heavily. Thanks" - Djamel (RTÉ Pulse)
"Im a big Deepgroove fan as it is, deffo the Original for me... Love the warped hypnotic break, made for big rooms" - Darren Rice (Beat 102-103FM - Ireland)
"Sheridans Kaleidosnic Re mix for me, lush break down!" - Paul Lyman
"Take a hammond organ and some salsa dancers onto a wonky Latin fairground ride and it would probably sound like the original mix: utterly wonderful. Tim's main mix and the GC Remix are more direct and do the damage but there's a madness to the original they are missing" - Mark Kavanagh (Spin 103.8 FM / Irish Daily Star)
"Awesome sauce. Best release ever!" - Jasper Gape (Nerdy Frames)
"Great track. Strong package. Definite support!" - Francis Preve (Different Pieces / Toolroom)
"Another great single. Really like the chilled laser vibe of the Tim Sheridan Kaleidosonic Mix." - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)
"Original is creepy yet groovy! Tim's mixes are pretty hip too..." - Mr Henry Von (Excentric Muzik / Rekluse)
"The Gentleman's Club Remix has some really awesome push and pull effects happening in there!" - Hrdvsion
"Very very wonky indeed :0). In the bag nice mix from you too Tim what what! Def get a spin at our NYE uptownboogiedown got the 4am dirt written all over it!" - Jafar (aka Poussez) (Artizan Music)
"Great track from Deepgroove, Tim's Dub mix for us." - Schadenfreude
"Yummy wobbly stuff!" - Andy Cole (Coley / Luv*Jam / WeLove)
"Great original" - FC Kahuna
"Tim Sheridan's Kaleidosonic Mix is cool" - Sasha Le Monnier
"Extra! Will review and play. The sounds are really good in the original and I like also Tim Sheridan's remix" - Ludovic Rambaud (Only For DJ's)
"Thank you for this. Love for the Deepgroove boys! Another killer release. Love the Tim mix also." - Cormac (Wet Yourself / Fabric)
"Nice!" - Antranig
"Sounds cool!" - Clement Meyer (Get The Curse)
"Always full support for VVWI. Always top quality tracks that work well on the floor." - Chris Rayner (Inhale)
"I like this. The best mix is the "Original Mix" and l will play this out when possible." - Anthony Pappa
"It's -8C here, and listening to these mixes have been the only time I've not shivered today, as I was too busy grooving my truffles!" - NoSPicedhAM (Blog)
"Great track, super package. Love Deepgroove. All mixes are spot on. Gentlemens Club mix is my fave. Lovely crisp sound excellent 9/10" - Tony Cannon
"Killer package! Another great release from VVWI" - PussySelektor
"In a land far far away (Miami), in a time long forgotten, I met a man named Grayson Shipley. We bonded over a mythical green elixir (Jagermesiter) and he introduced me to the ways of the deep groove. Since then, I have long longed to find this deep groove. Today, I found it and it's in the form of the Tim Sheridan remixes of this wonderment." - Jay Kaufman
"Loving the original" - Aleks Patz (Parquet Recordings)
"Original is a pumping tech track. Defo playing this one out!" - CTO
"Gentlemen's club remix for me... support" - Harry Avers (Noice! / Proton Radio)

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