What turntable to buy?



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4 Sep 2001

I´m about to buy a turntable and I´m not yet asure wich one so I need your advice. I´m gonna use this turntable for scratching and other things. Basicly; it will be used for hip hop music.

Please suggest me what turntable to buy! And try to keep it low budget!


ha unser erster richtiger Ausländer? (Grüße an alle Ösis! ;-)
Kann der keine Deutsch?Wollt ihn gerade zusammenscheißen, dass dafür schon 10.000 Threads gibt! Aber gut...
Na denn....
I don`t know what you mean with "low budget"
And I don`t know, where you are from!
gemini pt 2400 or 2100 ar really good! Many people in this Forum are using them... so ask them (Mc, hast du nicht solche teile? Doch!hatt du wohl!)
hhhmmmm...kann der echt kein Deutsch? na dannn...;-) der gast ist eine Arschkrampe! hehehehe...;-)

Hey verarsch mal nicht Ausländer : )

Naja aber mein English is net so dolle!
How much money do you want to invest!???

Wa das richtig!???

[GLOW=red,2]MC 8)[/GLOW]
I would invest something to 500 DEM.
What do you think about the Omnitronic DD 2250?

You can buy the Gemini PT 2100 fpr a bit more then 600 DM! You can also check out some online-Auctions!Where do you come from?

I will probably choose the Gemini 2100.
I am from Slovenia (but I don´t speak German...)- Do you know any good DJ shops in Croatia or Austria where I could buy the Gemini 2100?

Could somebody please tell me where in Germany or Austria can I buy an E-mu SP 12 or SP 1200 ???

Is there is somebody selling an E-mu please contact me at; huey_newton@hotmail.com

what the hell is a E-mu SP 12 or SP 1200  ?!?
are that truntables ?!?
E-mu SP 12 and SP 1200 are probably the best hip hop samplers/drum machines.

Here´s E-mu SP 12;


i see .... u r a HipHop guy !I´am a mix of HipHop & TechnoDj !
zee yaa DaZe
@ Guest:
That´s right, nearly every Hip-Hop-Producer uses the E-mu SP 12 or SP 1200, let´s call it "BEAT-Machine" in Germany... but I don´t really know where you can get it here!!! Is it expensive in Slovenia??? Why did you enter Deejay-Forum, ... where did you hear something about this Web-Site???
@ The other Forumlers:
Ey Jungs, unser "Gast-Ausländer" hat´s ja wohl echt vor denn billig ist das Ding wohl nicht. Auf jeden Fall lasst ihn nicht abhauen, der kann uns bestimmt fette Beatz machen und uns die dann per MP3 rüberschicken dürfte mit dem Teil was der sich da anschaffen will kein Problem sein!!!!!!!!!!
No, you can´t buy the SP 12 in Slovenia. Price of it is now about 1.000 DEM.
I can´t find one anywhere. They have some in the USA but the shipping price is to large.

Why I entered this forum? - I don´t know, to get help. I was looking for a DJ forum and I saw this site and I like it a lot so...


Check out "www.musikproduktiv.de". I didn´t found the Emu SP-12 yet, but this shop has got several other EMU-products... perhaps you can get it there???
Thanks for that link!

But I still want the SP 12 or SP 1200, so if anyone knows where to buy them please send me an e-mail.



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