Traktor synced tracks start drifting after 1 min+



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8 Feb 2017
Hi Community,

I have decided to write you after trying for a long time to find a solution to my problem online, in forums and getting familiar with the product settings. I hope you can help me pin down the problem and at least point me in the right direction.

I come from djing with Vinyl for many years and am confident beatmatching two records pre-cueing in my headphones and then mixing the two tracks. Once the two tracks are synced they stay synced or if they are slightly out of sync they drift out of sync at a very slow rate gradually, which can be corrected, touching the platter or vinyl every now and then or correcting the pitch a tiny bit.

Now switching to Traktor Scratch Pro 2 I have problems mixing tracks the same way. Although I keep trying for months I do not seem manage to keep two tracks in sync. I would like to not use the autosync button, but want to mix tracks using time code vinyl the same way I would mix regular vinyl.

The problem I have in particular is that as soon as I adjusted the pitch of both tracks playing so they are in sync they keep playing like this for a bit but then start drifting out of sync at a progressive exponential rate after about 30 seconds or a minute or so. I do not understand this behaviour since either tracks should be running at the same speed or if one is quicker or slower drift apart from each other at a constant rate. Nevertheless the tracks seem to run at the same speed for a while and after half a minute or minute then drift out of sync suddenly and fast, just as if the pitch would suddenly change. Looking at forums it seems like I am the only one having this issue although in my friend circle everyone I know faces the same issue.

My Setup:

Macbook pro
Traktor Scratch Pro 2 V2.11.0
Audio 6 Soundcard
Timecode Vinyl
Two Technics 1210 in perfect shape, (no fluctuations in spinning speed)
Mp3s bought on beatport, I adjusted the bpm and beatgrid maticulously following instructions of various good tutorials. The beatgrid seems spot on in the beginngin, middle and end of the track. (I used the metronome to check and do have the experience to hear if the track is on beat with the metronome)

I am a bit out of ideas and hope you could point me in the right direction since I would love to be able to dj the same way or similar with timecode vinyls as I am used to with vinyl up to now.

Thank you for your support, highly appreciated,
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Hi there,

the NI support is pretty good, did you try to make a report on their official forum?

Unfortunately I´m not able to give any more helpful advices, cause I never used Timecode.

Did you look at the signal of the timecodes?
Did you re-calibrate the timecode signal?
They should roughly look like these:
tc signal.png

How's your needles and timecodes? New or used?

You might also wanna check Native Instruments Forums.
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